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And the frightening flip-side to Australian women's obsession with being slim - the men whose pursuit of so-called 'perfection' is putting their health at risk with doctors fearing these brown, beefy boys are putting their lives at risk.


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  • : Goran Cvetkov says:

    Ben Atkinson

  • : Goran Cvetkov says:

    Sam Heslehurst u recognize these boys? Hahaha love the fact they benching 17.5 kg dumbells hahaha

  • : Johnny Halteh says:

    Mark O'connor Watch this hshs

  • : Michael West Dexter says:

    Luke Young watch

  • : Michael West Dexter says:

    thanks Bec Garnaut this is hilarious hahah

  • : Ben Launer says:

    Not you boys luckily Callum Hay Chris Strange Kurubyn Floyd Mitchell Bentley Daniel Davies Blake Kolly

  • : Yazmyn Silvestri says:

    What a pathetic excuse for a story! Almost as bad as the "Adelaide Party Girl" story earlier in the year! Good on those guys for taking care of themselves. This three minutes could have been better spent promoting clean and healthy living, or highlighting a real issue needing public attention!

  • : Kimberley Zevenbergen says:

    Couldn't agree more Samuel, Obsession is a word lazy people use to describe dedication....

  • : Samuel Zevenbergen says:

    Joshua Wadforth James Hooper Kimberley Woods Matt Woods James Slocom

  • : Samuel Zevenbergen says:

    There's nothing wrong with going to the gym whether your goal is to loose fat and become 'fitter' by doing cardio, gain muscle by doing weights, or a mixture of the two. I speak for myself who had lost 27kg by going to the gym. When you go to the gym, people use it as time out to spend with their siblings, friends, girlfriend or boyfriend. Like any sport in the world, some people turn it into a competition (how is it any different to any other sport - yes people may see it as selfish but the overall goal is to become more healthy, and more muscle does not make you unhealthy). Yes there are people who use steroids, and yes Zyzz was on steroids. I don't personally agree with steroids, and will not take them myself, but I must mention that even those on steroids put in immense dedication and work, but just get faster results. These guys here are not on steroids, and I don't think they look in the mirror and say 'gee I'm small ' from experience I believe they would look in the mirror and say 'I am happy with my body but I am going to keep working hard and improve it.' There is nothing wrong with this! People can sit on the couch for 2 hours a night watching TV but the minute someone goes to the gym, they point the finger and call it an 'addiction'. My main point is that yes, steroids are bad for the body, but what these guys are doing is not bad, and people that judge them should think again.

  • : Andrew Mena says:

    ban the steroids it can be lethal and also kill you

  • : Jarrad Hurley says:

    Well.. this is societies expectations of people.

  • : Despina Mandalios says:

    Wow narrow minded people on her. Nothing wrong with people looking after their health through fitness be gym, team sport or recreational. Not everyone who goes to the gym are on steroids. Body image pressure is not just via gyms or bodybuilding. What about movies, actors, songs etc? Social media especially.

  • : Lea Price says:

    Hahahahaha "we respect our bro" crap, you gotta get your roids from somewhere, so be nice to your contacts ... Qualified Fitness Instructor & Member of Queensland Weight Lifting Association ... Bra

  • : Michael West Dexter says:

    Haha of course. :p

  • : Bec Garnaut says:

    It's all good ;) I took my time tagging u coz I knew it would seem like I think ur a roiding gym-junkie psycho who is gonna kill himself by body-building - I don't lmao I just thought u might wanna check it out :P

  • : Michael West Dexter says:

    That's fair enough, you understand why I got defensive then. I will watch it when I get home. I'm at the gym ;) haha

  • : Bec Garnaut says:

    I'm not worried about u hun ;) I promise. It's up to you what you put in your body and I don't think you're on steroids lol I just thought u might want to watch it since it's about your passion that's all ;)

  • : Michael West Dexter says:

    I shan't worry about me Bec Garnaut. I've done quite a bit of research over the years, and asked many questions - it's in my nature to understand everything you see... And from what I've read and been told, by doctors and nutritionists, physiotherapists and trainers, it appears that I'm not unhealthy in the slightest. What I put in my body is food and water, no steroids, incase you were wondering. And my diet is always changing. "everything in moderation" So rest assured my lovely, my obsession with building my body hasn't done anything but make me proud of myself. But is that so bad? I'm hardly stuffing it in your face, fair play maybe there's a nip slip here and there ;) That said, what I put in my body should be no ones concern but my own. So you really did not need to tag me in this. But thanks for going out of your way to tag me anyway. Luke Young what do you think mate?

  • : Pete Priestley says:

    i like curvy women... Who cares about body size... Noone has right to judge...

  • : Bec Garnaut says:

    Michael West Dexter

  • : Torsten Graf says:

    I don't see the point of destroying ones body.

  • : Nicole Fiebiger says:

    Michael Fiebiger