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As a nation we dump 5 and a half billion dollars worth of food straight into landfill every year... Much of it perfectly good to eat.

Enter Dale Wylie and a team of northern suburbs teens who are striving to make a difference...

They're part of two charity organisations - encouraging kids to stay in school and feeding the state's hungry.

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A Gesture Elizabeth

Second Bite

Baptist WestCare Centre


Comments for Food Vans

  • : Josh Size says:

    it is a good job love helping all the people out there

  • : Karen Lee Buckman-VanderAa says:

    By the way great job helping the struggling.

  • : Karen Lee Buckman-VanderAa says:

    Some people would lead you to believe everybody who struggles is a scumbag

  • : Karen Lee Buckman-VanderAa says:

    What about the people that don't drink, smoke and do drugs but a still struggling Stephanie Jones?

  • : Penny McNicholl says:

    maybe some people shouldnt stereotype and judge those they know nothing about ^^^

  • : Margaret Fowler says:

    Fantastic job

  • : Kym Hanel says:

    A good story for both the kids of the northern areas and the less fortunate and homeless souls

  • : Lee Wallace says:

    What a good incentive program. Anything like this to help the young people get a start in life I am all for!!

  • : Colin Sutherland says:

    Has anyone else got a rent increase from Homeswest ? It has gone over the 25% of income as promised. Next is the Budget & more price increases across the board. I'm a Disability Pensioner with Avascular Necrosis awaiting 2 complete hip replacements. I don't know how i'm going to pay everything, without the help of goodwilled people like this I'd be screwed !

  • : Joanne Bevan says:

    Great initiative- well done

  • : Bent Peace says:

    What smart caring people, should be more of them , world would be a better place