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An Aussie Surfboard maker has designed a new device to prevent shark attacks... Shark shocker has already been put to the test, with impressive results.


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  • : Peter Stephenson says:

    You mention shark bait tourism and fish farms as possible reasons for increasing shark attacks. Baiting and encouraging Great White Sharks to approach and remain close to divers and boats is illegal in South Australia but our government allows the tourism operators to break the law by granting exemptions. Other states do not allow this. The CSIRO recognises that the shark baiting changes GWS behaviour and other things like the numbers of predatory fish in these locations. They recommend close monitoring and harm mitigation strategies. The question is.... why does the government grant these exemptions if shark baiting could increase the risk of shark attack to our coastal communities? Shark baiting definitely should not be allowed in a "Marine Park Sanctuary Zone". There is something very fishy here!