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Are we putting our kids health at risk? Public exposure guidelines in progressive European countries are 100 times lower than Australia… and now one Adelaide school is banning WiFi and going back to basics


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  • : Mark Scott Hall says:

    SOURCE: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2524598/Experiment-finds-plants-die-placed-internet-Wi-Fi-routers.html

  • : Mark Scott Hall says:

    The scientist that you interviewed Dr. Magda Havas, has a degree in botany and respected scientific journals refuse to publish her work. Her opinion on this is invalid. The original study with sparked all of this debate was done by school children in Denmark. This particular study was flawed because it had no reasonable control and some scientists think that heat from the router could have effected those plants rendering the test invalid and un-scientific

  • : Parents Against Wi-Fi in School says:

    For more information on wi-fi in school watch this excellent Australian video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GJPTzaNkcUk

  • : Danny Cross says:

    I'm a 38yo who has a Telstra Cell tower 20 meters from my home. With in 6 month of living next to it the 3G caused me to be Electro Hyper Sensitive. I had to move out of my home for 3 months while I saved up to shield one room in my home. Then 4G/LTE was in stalled which is Cell Wifi and the RF readings jumped from 5 times what 3G was. I have been suffering migraines, nausea. neurological issues and so on with the long exposure to this tower. Telstra and the Government say it's safe and it's staying. I cannot go out into my yard because the radiation is way to high for me to even spend 10 minutes out there. I have a meter and yes the reading are well withing ARPANSA's rules, but it is making me ill. Since the 4G was installed my short term memory has just about completely gone. I have been fighting for 3 years about this tower, but no-one care to do anything about it. This is an illegal experiment they are conducting on the people here that the Government even condones.

  • : Parents Against Wi-Fi in School says:

    Great program - thanks!

  • : Today Tonight Adelaide says:

    The video will be uploaded on Thursday due to a fault with recording

  • : Chantelle Sghendo Trimboli says:

    Frank Trimboli story is to air tonight.

  • : Parents Against Wi-Fi in School says:

    Yes, we are most definitely putting children at risk. The risk has been identified by the WHO but it has not yet been quantified - and these are the requirements for use of the Precautionary Principle. This is not about banning the internet or scaring people, it is about the appropriate use of technology for children.

  • : Parents Against Wi-Fi in School says:

    Do you perhaps have a link for this video story please Today Tonight Adelaide ?

  • : Toni Carl says:

    ARPANSA states, 'it's impossible to be completely sure there isn't some risk. This is particularly true for CHILDREN where there is little research evidence".http://www.arpansa.gov.au/pubs/factsheets/014is_wireless_exposure.pdf

  • : Toni Carl says:

    The internet can be accessed SAFELY with wires. It does not require microwave radiofrequency (WiFi) which was classified in May 2011 as a 2B 'possible carcinogen'. Children should not be involuntarily exposed to a 'possible carcinogen' in the form of mandated WiFi in schools for 6 hours a day. Would we allow lead, chloroform or DDT in our schools (also 2B 'possible carcinogens').

  • : Soraya Rasheed says:

    Can you stop unnecessarily scaring people. The same argument was made when the radio was commercially sold. I feel for the lady who has had the miscarriages, and can only imagine what she went through, however she now has healthy children and I don't think wifi is entirely to blame. Same goes for the young lady who is home schooled. The symptoms she mentioned are very general and could be attributed to hundreds of medical conditions. We are already economically and strategically isolated from the world. The internet is the only way we will survive. When people start understanding this there will be a stronger focus on health and safety regulations. It's not going way anytime soon. The only thing we have in our control is how much we choose to use this technology and how well we look after our bodies.

  • : Jimmy Nail says:

    Let's not forget mobile phones also.

  • : Jackie Wynoogst says:

    im sorry that the lady had so many miscarriages, but i cant see how wifi is to blame, any dr will tell you, that is the bodies way of rejecting something it feels is foreign and doesnt feel it should be there. There is always going to be something they say is bad for us. They used to say to drink more milk as its good for you, now they say not to drink too much cos its bad for you!

  • : Gen N Johno Williams says:

    Go back in history they said the same thing about radio and tv.

  • : Today Tonight Adelaide says:


  • : Angela Butler says:

    No body knows the effects of the waves on the body yet-It has been linked to tumours, etc.