Night at the Museum - Secret of the Tomb

Closed: Thursday 11th December 2014

Competition Entries Now Closed

Twentieth Century Fox and Today Tonight are giving you the chance to win one of a hundred family passes to a special preview screening of "Night at the Museum - Secret of the Tomb" this Sunday at Piccadilly Cinemas, North Adelaide.

Winners will go in the draw for a fantastic trip for two to London worth $6000… including a private tour of the British Museum, where the movie was filmed.

All you have to do is correctly answer three questions over the next three nights.

When you have all three answers, enter via our website.


Kahla McKay
Jane Wilkinson
Peter Heness
Lelia Mathewson
Shane Harkin
Donna McAteer
Alisha Long
Sarah Stanborough
Andy McDougall
Brandon Payne
David Mathlin
Elizabeth Reese
Maria Grant
Barbara Ayris
Katy Frew
Robbie Lowe
Trina Coburn
Rene Abrego
Kerrie Carter
Sarah Walker
Paul Matthews
Monique Ramsay
Julie Kah
Robin Stevens
Nicholas Ruotsalainen

Caroline Kadziela
Jo Atkins
Len Booth
Daniel Clutterbuck
Liza Strydom
Kerry Henderson
Susanne Langsforde
Katina Citti
June Elliott
Amilia Albanus
Micky Child
Hayley McAteer
Josephne Sargon
Sharon Shreeves
Kimberley Kranz
Brian Myers
Robert Godden
Kathryn Goldy
Darren Lewis
Krystal McDonald
Sandra Raptis
David Thompson
Julia De Musso
Cassie Williams
Andrew Broadbent
Matthew Paterson
Hollie Baldock
Robyn McMullen
Jenny Barnes
Dawn Paul
Leigh Merret
Darren Silva
Andree Rudkiewicz
Kristy Rebbeck
Erika Harrison
Anna-Marie Potgieter
Cathy Stone
Kamran Sultan
Michelle Clarkson
Chi Hang Lau
Emma Lehman
Caitlin Greenham
Julie Lynch
Brianna Ling
Rodney Cook
Zohra Lassi
Anna Mindis
Jason Kalpakoff
Lauren Roberts
Tegan Brinkman
Lynne Arbon
Sarah Cawley
Alex Gieltowski
Victoria Kaplatzis
Ann Morris
Michelle Mudge
Melanie Milne
Amanda Warren
Michele Leue
Antoinette Hatjopoulos
Maria Birse
Katelyn Purvis
Tricia Wells
Dion Thulborn
Stephanie Daniels
Ella Drury
Dorothy Moralee
Esther Croft
Daniella Manno
Graham Capper
Helen Acland

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