$6 Car


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With most of us trying to save money, some drivers have found a way to by-pass maintenance, rego and road costs.

A car that costs $6 a day is a reality for personal trainer Roza Bacelas.

"I needed a car and I couldn't really afford to buy a new one and this way I get a new car," she said.

"Petrol is nothing on a smart car and all the maintenance and rego costs are covered."

Roza signed up with the KahDo car two years ago.

The $42/week cost covers rental but Roza must pay for petrol and insurance.

"The prerequisite is that we drive them on average 15km a day which, I'm a personal trainer and I'm mobile so it really isn't difficult to cover that for me, it's more keeping my limit down."

Drivers cannot pass 1250km a month or 15,000km a year without incurring a financial penalty.

The car must also be seen 24/7, meaning it must be parked on the street and not in a garage.

Director and co-founder of KahDo, Chris McMillan, said the company selects drivers based on the actual campaign.

"Through the interview process, they're actually made aware of who the advertiser is going to be, so then they have an opportunity to pull out if they want but it's a very rare situation," he said.

"Most people are very keen to get themselves in a KahDo car but also the advertisers we have are generally very much relevant to who these people are."

So what about the benefits to the businesses that are having their advertising on the cars?

"Well the thing that's very attractive for businesses in using KahDo is that we literally bring them together with their target market or their audience in this mutually beneficial relationship," Chris said.

Drivers are selected on their personality, how much they mix with friends and colleagues and whether they have a good driving record.

For more information, please visit www.kahdo.com.au .