8 Minute workout


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For most of us time is everything. Often when we get busy the first thing to go is exercise. Well now there's a new routine, straight from Hollywood, promising amazing results in just 8 minutes.

Yes you heard correctly - 8 minutes. In less time than it might take to make a cup of tea and some toast, Chad Morris, creator of Hollywood's secret training method ��" “The 8 minute workout” is promising to trim, tone and tighten.

“Well what we try to do is maximise the intensity of the workout and get the whole body working as efficiently as possible, that can happen in as little as 8 minutes” says Chad.

“The catch is it's hard work. It's really intense. Most people come in and say "ahh I could do anything for 10 minutes or 20 minutes" but then after then do it they say "oh this is really hard". They're heart is racing, they're out of breath for the next 10, 20, 30 minutes. They are physically exhausted.”

But it seems that physical exhaustion pays off. Rumour has it that Chad has a long list of celebrity clients who are all rocking the sexy 8 minute body - Charlize Theron, Sharon Stone, Selma Blair and Ugly Betty's Becki Newton.

Chad admits that in addition to the training, diet is also an important element.

“What I have found seems to work the best and has the most evidence behind it is basic moderate carbohydrate diet with lots of vegetables and fruit and moderate amounts of protein, not too little, not too much and including good fats.”

The rational behind the 8 minute workout is that each exercise is done at a superslow pace, with no rest in between.

“A leg press, a chest press and a pull down. Those three movements if they are done properly will cover your whole body.”

With 3 exercises in total the aim is to increase intensity thereby getting better results, quicker. And Chad insists anyone can do it.

“Anyone can take the principles of training to fatigue, of breathing properly, they can apply the principles that we are using on their own.”

“What studies have shown is that if you do those three exercise really intensely you're covering your whole body and you're probably going to be better off than people who go to the gym, mess around a bit and aren't consistent with it. Once somebody tries it they get a lot less sceptical” adds Chad.

For more details, visit: www.myogenicsfitness.com