82 Year Old Model


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At 82, Carmen Dell'Oforce can still stop the traffic... She has been a model for 65 years - the last 20 have been the busiest.

“I think my look in the last 25 years or 30 years has become more stable and I am less able to pretend to be somebody else because I have let me look be what it is.” Said Carmen

It's that look that's graced the worlds most upmarket magazine covers and allowed her to work with the biggest names in photography and design including Hermes, Missoni and Rolex.

“I would do anything that I see fit, to feel good. I knew I couldn't change my height. I couldn't fix this or that. Like any woman, I can pick myself apart but if you like it, and you want to pay, here I am. If it suits you it suits me.” Said Carmen

Her life wasn't always so glamorous... Raised by her working mother she learnt from a young age to fend for herself.

“My mother who brought me up, was a latch key child, and she was out to work. So by the time I was in kindergarten, I would come home alone. I would get the house ready for my mother when she came home from work. I would peel the vegetables.” Said Carmen

She was scouted by a photographers wife and by the time she was 13 she got her big break, gracing the cover of vogue.

“I will never stop working. People say: when are you going to retire? And I say, do you ever think of stop breathing to stop breathing. If you love what you do, if you live in passion why end it.” Said Carmen

Corinne Nicholas from New York's trump models, as been Carmen’s agent for more than 25 years.

“One of the things that most struck me when I first met Carmen, is how down to earth she is. I see people who are fascinated, stylists, photographer, hair and make-up, that are dying to meet her and they are in ore of her, and yet when they meet her she makes them feel so comfortable that they feel like they're friends immediately. That is something very special. Sometimes I have young girls that don't want to get on a plane, like oh you have to go on this trip, and they are like, oh my boyfriend. Meanwhile, you have Carmen. She had a booking to Argentina and I am thinking, oh my god she has to go all the way to Buenos Aries. She didn't even blink.” Said Corinne Nicholas

“The idea of using Carmen came in my head. I didn't know whether she would shoot with a pyjama brand from Australia, and I heard from her agent that she says no to a lot of things. She just loved the brand, the sensibility of it and humour, and she thought it was nuts that I wanted her to shoot for me, and was flying all the way to New York from Australia.” Said Peter Alexander

Carmen will front Peter Alexander's mother’s day pyjama campaign.

“She strolled in, in this big great coat, and she was like hello team what are we doing today. She just became part of the collaboration with me. She wasn't just do this, she was very much about what do you do want out of me, which is what a good a model is all about.” Said Peter Alexander

It was her first time modelling pyjamas... Although you wouldn't know it.

“She said lets work it like this. She wanted to wear certain slippers with it. She was very vocal on how she could interpret Peter Alexander and in the same sense being very respectful of my vision and my brand. I said to her at the shoot that I am not retouching any of these photographs. We are not going to photoshop any of them. We will do great lighting, great hair and make-up. SO YOU DIDN'T RETOUCH ONE PHOTO? Not one photo was retouched. All her glory of 82 years and she said great lets do it.” Said Peter Alexander

But at 82, perfect bone structure can only help so much...

“I have had my face planed off because of sun damage. I have had all the years of silicone injections. This is not filler, it is something that I have done in my life time, what is available to me that worked for me, what you see is what you get.” Said Carmen