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When it comes to fruit and veg the giant supermarket chains are going bananas because they're under fire..... from the little guy.
It's back to the future as good old fashion home delivery and service come to the fore.
As Greg Pattinson from Banana Blue says "in any category of shopping these days people want to be recognised as individuals and not necessarily as just big numbers or part of a market share."
The "new" fresh food people are now ready to take care of you online and on the phone, like Glen and Allyson Morgan.
They start work in the wee small hours when most of us are asleep and go on a fruit and veg buying spree at the Pooraka Market armed with their customers shopping list.
Glen knows the business inside and out having worked at the Pooraka Market for 27 years and now that he's gone out on his own, his vision is clear "I know that I don't buy any produce that I wouldn't want to go buy myself."
Their prices are comparable with supermarkets and fruit and vegetable shops and you can't beat their prices.
"We don't charge a delivery fee" says Glen "�we don't build it in to the price of the produce at all so we carry that cost."
The other option is on-line ordering through a company like Banana Blue. Based locally, they too deliver to the door.
According to Banana Blue boss Greg Pattinson, "we benchmark our prices against all the supermarkets and we think we are competitive for the service we provide."
There is a charge for delivery but they run their delivery service up to 9 o'clock at night.
"Our usual delivery fee is $14" says Greg "but each suburb has a special discount delivery day which costs $10."
Despite skyrocketing fuel costs the Morgans are still determined to keep up their delivery free policy and will take on a $10 order or a $100 order.
"It doesn't matter to us says Allyson Morgan."
Like Banana Blue, Glen and Allyson have a loyal customer base and what comes through all the time is the benefits of getting super fresh fruit and veg.
Glen Morgan says "our customers tell us all the time that the broccoli stays nice or the cauliflower stays hard or the apples are still crunchy after some considerable time so I think it's just the freshness of the produce we select."
According to these new players vying for the fruit and veg dollar supermarkets are losing fruit and veg sales because young shop assistants are not properly trained in it's handling.
"Perhaps under-training or lack of training" says Glen �"a lot of these kids have never been into a fruit and veg market so they don't see where the fruit comes from, they don't see how to handle it correctly."
Both Banana Blue and the Morgans predict a growing number of companies will get back to old fashioned service and freshness.
"The public is demanding it," says Banana Blue's Greg Pattinson.

Banana Blue
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The Morgans can be contacted at:
Freshest & Best Northern
Phone: (08) 8265 3476