Adopt-A-Pensioner Update


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It has taken the nation by storm.

Thousands of everyday Australians doing what the Federal Government couldn't or wouldn't do for our 2-million single aged pensioners and more than 700-thousand disabled pensioners.

In every state in Australia, people are extending the hand of friendship, with gifts of support.

Today Paul Versteege from the Combined Pensioner's Association was given $5,000 in IGA gift vouchers, from the company's community chest.

How far with these go Paul? "Look, a $50 voucher for a pensioner on $273 dollars a week, that's almost what we're asking for from the government. IGA can do it. The government can't."

It began with Amanda Pike adopting Betty Moore. The single aged pensioner who for months has battled to get an increase in the pension. A simple pay rise of just $10 dollars a week.

Now pensioner adoptions like this are happening everywhere.

In NSW, Joanne Roch is a single mother who earns barely more than the single aged pension herself, yet they're adopting thanks to her two son's generosity of volunteering their spare money.

Mother of two Debbie Williams is using her internet auction site to adopt in Victoria. "A group of about 150 sellers will donate products from their inventory. We will put it up on bang4bucks and all the proceeds will go towards buying food vouchers for pensioners."

200 families at three day care centres In Queensland are chipping in. " What we aim to do is ask the families to bring a donation of food or a service or a voucher or something to add to a hamper which we will then distribute to the pensioner we adopt."

While Christian Turner from Your Webspace will provide a new adopt a pensioner web site, within the next two weeks. "We'll design a web site that allows pensioners to register their names and details at the website and then people who want to adopt a pensioner can come in and register their wishes, sort through the records and see who they want to adopt."

While Australia's radio commentators have added their voice, "it could actually launch into a real pensioner political party. So you put pensioners into positions say like the senate. So forget about the Greens, how about the Greys?"

"Adopt a pensioner scheme says to Canberra listen. Listen. Then do something bloody about it," said Derryn Hinch.

"What we say is Mr Rudd, this campaign, here we come. What are you going to do?"

We will let you know the details for the website as soon as it is up and running.