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One in five of us suffer arthritis, so pain relief is big business with Arthritis medication and herbal treatments lining the shelves of chemists.

When some of our top professional sportsmen started tipping their hat to a little known Aussie arthritis concoction called Painaway, we had to investigate.

Our first conclusion was they must be paid spruikers of the product, but we're told that isn't the case.

Sydney Swans player Barry Hall says Painaway has helped his arthritic ankles: Manly captain Mat Orford believes he wouldn't even have made it to the field on Sunday's Grand Final, without Painaway and boxer Danny Greene claims its helped him not only get through his endless boxing rounds, but also the gruelling rehearsals for Dancing with the Stars.

And they're not the only ones -- the entire Newcastle Knights NRL team swear by it.

They all say it works and they're not getting paid to say it. The lesser known Margaret Ward, General Manager of Auburn RSL Club, backs them up. "The fact that the pain just went away, I know that's a play on words, but the pain did go away and that's what you're searching for", Margaret said.

Margaret suffers arthritis in her fingers and the aptly named Painaway has meant she can continue working.

So are there any unhappy customers? If there are, they get their money back said creator and owner John Carroll. "The situation is our company gives 100% money back guarantee -- we guarantee every product we put out. We would just ask the public to use it properly as directed and they'll all get results that they want", John said.

John Carroll has his life savings invested in the product and the secret mixture is a hybrid of an original family recipe. "Going back to Ireland, 120 years prior, they used to make it up and boil the emu oil on the stove and they used to distribute it out to people with aches and pains. They passed it down all the time, we used it all the time", John said.

The spray and cream are made up of five active herbal ingredients arnica, rosemary, eucalyptus oil, emu oil and ethanol. "Aarnica is for bruising and swelling, rosemary and eucalyptus is for circulation, the emu oil is a carrier that carries the actives deep down onto a bone or vertebrae to attack the inflammation and remove the inflammation in combination � it's unique in that way", he said.

Rheumatologist Professor Phillip Sambrook heads the Institute of Bone and Joint Research at Sydney's Royal North Shore Hospital. While Professor Sambrook warns people against relying on complementary medicine in treating their arthritis, he did admit the product does contain some ingredients that could help relieve pain.

His institution has been approached by the Painaway company to carry out clinical trials.

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