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Arthritis can strike at any time, with crippling pain. There is no known cause and no known cure, but you can manage it.

One in five Australians currently lives with constant pain but it is claimed a new treatment derived from green-lipped mussel is offering a reprieve.

Its official name is Mobicosa.

Former model Melinda initially damaged her spine when she fell down stairs, then last year she tore ligaments while giving birth to her baby girl.

"I suffered chronic pain for all that time. It was just devastating my life the way it affected me," she said.

"I'd done extensive physio and massage two to three times a week, but that just didn't work."

She said within 10 days of using Mobicosa tablets she noticed an improvement in her mobility.

"I woke up pain free," she said.

Dr Darren Gibbins is the Managing Director of Ease Arthritis, and he discovered the product while battling his own crippling back problems.

"It has glucosamine and chondroitin, which are active in building joints and making them healthy," he said.

"As far as I'm concerned, I'm as healthy as I was when I was 20."

Ralph Linford, 79, is the creator of Elmore oil. It's a concoction he brewed in his kitchen nine years ago, to help his arthritic hands.

"Because we used a lot of the materials in our chemicals, I decided to go over to the factory and see what I could work out, and that's what I come up with," he says.

Ralph had no idea his humble creation, of such basic ingredients, would become the fastest growing pain reliever in the country.

His son Mark is now running the company.

"We now have a situation where 4800 outlets now stock the product," Mark said.

There is no doubt that people suffering pain like arthritis everyday will clutch at any straw for relief.

With Australia's population ageing, arthritis numbers are expected to soar in the next 15 years.

"I have no idea why it's so good," Bob said.

"All I know is it works. It works for me."

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