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Lullaby’s and nursery rhymes have been around for centuries, but these cute cradle-songs have taken a back seat to the overwhelming number of baby products on the market.

Adelaide grandmother Fiona Munro is encouraging new parents to get back to basics.

"There's not enough promoted of the benefits of singing to your baby, to spending that interactive time, it's more the marketing of other products," says Fiona.

Too often the tv takes over but she believes the best way to bond with your bub is through live music.

"The experts say that music switches babies’ brains on, they learn to communicate and they learn social skills through engagement, through signing," says Fiona.

Fiona found there was nothing musically interactive on the market place to give parents a chance to engage with their babies.

"We don't need all the toys that are promoted, we just need to spend time, we need to look in their face, into their eyes, and spend time, they will give us so much more back," explains Fiona.

So the novice songwriter created her own collection of melodies with easy to learn lyrics.

"I decided to create things that children would find in their everyday life, what they'd have in their toy box like a train and a car and a plane, things they'd find in the garden," says Fiona.

Her cd Poppy and Patch is available in book stores across Adelaide and it's proven to be a hit with both mums and bubs who've quickly cottoned on to the catchy tunes.

"I think they are really good, they are nice and easy for parents to learn and for kids to learn, I used them with my older child, now she can sing along with Maive as well, which is nice".

"I just sing most of the time now instead of even talking and sing silly things and sentences and things it makes it more fun".

And you don't have to sing like an angel…

"Before I had Amelia I was really self-conscious about singing, but I think having her has brought it out… you can sound like a chain saw the baby just loves it, they are very connected with the mothers voice and their dads voice".

The Poppy & Patch CD are available at Dillons Bookshop Norwood, Dymocks, Glenelg and Burnside for RRP $15:00
Interstate viewers can purchase through Dillons Music Norwood (in SA), by emailing or calling (08) 8331 9955 at a cost of $15 + $3.50 P&H.!/DillonsMusicNorwood!/pages/Poppy-and-Patch/259033287548128

$1 of every cd sold is directed to the Neonatal Unit at the Flinders Medical Centre Foundation.