Bargain Mums


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The website helping Aussie mums save money on their every day shopping costs.

Called Bargain Mums ...the membership is free and you can browse the online listings, find out where items you regularly buy are on special and save money on your weekly shopping bill

It’s a concept dreamt up by Adelaide mum India Gad who says 'This is going to change the way that mums shop....mums can log on and register ...its free to join and they can start sharing bargains and saving money straight away"

Mother of two Cindy Smart is the editor of the local kids magazine "South Kids" ......she was researching money saving ideas when she caught up with bargain mums creator India on a Facebook page....and she was hooked straight away “For example this week I needed to buy wipes for kids" Cindy told us "I jumped on Bargain Mums and sure enough there was a listing for bulk packs of wipes ten in a packet for about $ down I went and got a packet for $25 in essence I saved myself $25 in one hit"

Aimee Drummond and Jane Jansen are sisters doing it for themselves on bargain mums.......they reckon in these economic times ......every dollar counts

Jane says "I think thats a pretty common conversation that goes on with mums when we all get together is where did you buy that and how much was it?"

India's hopes to add a classified section where mums can buy and sell second hand items.. SMS alert ....and a Forum where mums can share money saving tips

"At the moment weve got mums in the Murray Mallee the Far North the Adelaide CBD and Metropolitan areas ...but my dream for the future is to take it interstate ...and possibly international"

We wish her luck