Belly Melt Diet


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3 kilos in 3 days...the 'belly melt' diet promising - results- fast.

Three determined dieters have volunteered as human guineapigs- hoping they can tuck their tummies in three days.

Ashamed of her size 16 frame- Vanessa Callum piled on the weight after her third child... Margaret vucher weighs 85.3 - she put on 14 kilos in 2 months as result of a debilitating spinal injury.

"I would like to get back down to 76 kilos which is my pre pregnancy weight i was very fit and healthy at that time." Said Margaret

Paul Bennett weighs 94.6 kilos- he hope the belly melt will give him the kickstart he needs to get down to 80 kilos...

Each dieter had to follow the strict regime of 5040 kilojoules per day¬Ö
4 servings grains, 2-3 servings vegetables, 1 serving fruit, 2-3 servings of low fat dairy, 3-4 servings protein, 1 serving fats and oils...

"An example day of this diet is very small meals something like a sandwich small wholemeal bread in the morning and some salad, some snacks, some fruit with cheese or natural yogurt, low sugar yoghurt with some fruit." Said Susie Burrell

Nutritionist Susie Burrell- says dropping 3 kilos in 3 days can be hard to sustain...

"Intense diets that require you to prepare specific meals require a lot of time and attention you need to be really organised and in practice people tend to to it for a day or so before they lose interest." Said Susie

It is predicted Australians spend up to $292 million on established weight loss programs - fad diets- pills - and shakes. As editor of prevention magazine Jackie Mooney has brought this new diet to Australia.

"It is about healthy sensible eating you are eating every four hours you are eating healthy whole food and you are not only going to lose weight you are going to control your cravings and you are going to have more energy." Said Jacqui

It's d day for our dieters...

Paul lost 3.3 kilos...

Vanessa lost 1.5 kilos and 4 cms around her waist.

Not only did margaret lose over a kilo her waist shrunk by 12 cms.

"I have pulled on the old pair of jeans that never fit and I had that old muffin top that mums get and it is not there any more." Said Margaret

"Try it out if you have got issues with yo yo dieting or anything like that this is probably a really good diet for you to try because you do get to eat a lot of food and you get to snack inbetween your meals." Said Vanessa