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Watts Clever
The auto power boards will automatically cut-off the electricity to all the connected equipment. For your PC this would be your scanner, printer, speakers and table lamp. For your AV equipment this would be the CD player, amplifier and DVD player. The main equipment i.e. the TV or PC is plugged into the control socket and your peripheral equipment is plugged into the 4 auto sockets. When the main equipment is turned off the unit senses the drop in power levels and will automatically cut the power to the auto sockets. When the main equipment is turned on again the process is reversed. The unit also has 1 'always on' socket for leaving essential equipment turned on.


Pool Power Saver
The Invertek Pool Power Saver is the latest energy saving technology for your home. The advanced Optidrive technology controls your pool pump so it operates more efficiently, saving energy consumption by up to 75% without compromising filtration or water quality.. Not only that, it significantly reduces the noise generated by your pool pump! Installation is simple, fast and DIY,

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Flow-Less for showers and taps (save water AND energy) Use a quarter of the water and save up to $200 a year. The comfort of the water stream is not diminished and you can shower guilt free.

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LED Lights
Save 90% on lighting costs with new generation LEDs. A regular 35 watt globe will cost you $57 a each year When swapped for a 5 watt LED bulb... it's just $9.00 a year. That's a saving of 85%

Green is Dead! Long Live Efficient!
The book details 17 tested strategies that are guaranteed to save consumers money. Many don't require any expenditure at all - just a change in behaviour and a respect for the ever increasing cost of energy and water. The process of becoming efficient is designed to be implemented as time and budget permits, so as each is put in place it will begin to fund the next. Once the systems are in place the savings will continue for many years - far exceeding the returns one could expect from any solar or wind-power installation. Normally, $27.50 (GST inc), with all the strategies, contacts and product sources included, this e-book will pay for itself many times over in just a few months. Today Tonight special offer: the book is just $9.95 until May 31st. 25% of the net profits from the sales of this guide will go to the Australian Red Cross to help their sanitation and drinking water initiatives in countries where they have very little.

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Rod Van Gass Email: or call 9467 7672