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It's the meal one in 6 Aussie kids simply don't eat.

When parents are struggling to make ends meet, many kids miss out on breakfast and it's a problem this Seaford family couldn't stomach, so they started a service called “Breakfast Bellies”.

While many of us are still fast asleep, Paul and Chantel Walters are up feeding their kids, then 600 others who would otherwise miss out.

“So normally, a typical morning, we'll get the house organised, I'll head off over to Woolies, pick up all the bakery items, bring them back to the house, sort through those, work out what deliveries are going where and allocate the proper amount of stuff,” explains Paul.

We followed Paul on a delivery run to Christie Downs Primary school where each morning 40 kids tuck in to donated bread, fruit and cereal.

Principal Gail Evans says it's transformed her school… “Our attendance data has improved, our behaviour data has decreased, and our academic data's slowly improving as well”.

And it all started after a conversation the couple simply couldn't forget.

My wife was at one of our Childrens’ schools and there was a young boy, he didn’t have a lunch box, he didn’t have his bag, she sort of said to him where's your stuff? …And he said no I don't have any,” says Paul.

“It broke my heart, he was walking around with the principal, she’d sort of taken him under her wing… I said well can I help out and she said anything you can do would help us so I started bringing bits and pieces of our own things in day by day to the school and yeah it just sort of grew from there,” says Chantel.

Their effort is even more remarkable considering they're parents to 10 children themselves.

It's not just schools benefiting, they've partnered with local charities to create food hampers for families in need and so far the Walters are showing no signs of slowing down


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