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The very private pain was shared with the nation -- Kellie Penpraze's daughter Olivia sought solace from the bullies that plagued her through online videos.

It was only after the 19-year-old's death that her parents stumbled across their daughter's internet diary, detailing her depression and anxiety triggered by bullying.

Her cry for help was watched by nearly 15,000 people online but not one alerted Olivia's family. "They could have messaged us anonymously on Facebook that this was out there -- that would have been nice instead of waiting until she was in hospital", Kellie said.

In the U.S. the effects of bullying have been exposed in a new documentary which follows the lives of five students who are bullied every day. A then 16- year-old Kelby Johnson faced an outpouring of hatred from her classmates and even teachers, after coming out as a lesbian.

Director Lee Hirsch was surprised at the vision he captured. He remembers the reaction of the mother of one of the bullies who had no idea what her son was doing until she was shown footage. "I think it was the mother that said 'look at him, look at his smug face, this is not okay. He needs to know that he did this. Look at his face look at how he's enjoying this'. There was this profound level of upset and that's what transformed her to then choose to allow us to use that material", Lee said.

"One in four children is bullied every week and we know that bullying is moving online and one in 10 children have reported to be bullied online with cyber bullying", said Dr. Judith Slocombe from the National Centre Against Bullying.

"If the children don't want to go to school, if they're not learning, if they don't want to socialise, they become moody, sleep more -- a whole change in behavioural patterns -- that may signal that bullying may be occurring. I think it is important for a young person who is being bullied to know that they can go and get help", Dr. Slocombe said.

Through her grief, Kellie hope's her daughter's tragic death won't be in vain. "Keep a watch out for your kids and try to get them help. It is nice for them to talk to someone other than their parents or friends, just to give them a little bit of guidance", Kellie said.

Roadshow Films will release the movie 'Bully' nationally on August 23.
To view trailer go to: www.palacecinemas.com.au/movies/bully/

If you or someone you know needs help, there's a list:

Lifeline Australia www.lifeline.org.au - 13 11 14

Kids Helpline www.kidshelp.com.au - 1800 55 1800

Kids Helpline is Australia's only free, private and confidential, telephone and online counselling service specifically for young people aged between 5 and 25.

beyondblue: the national depression initiative www.beyondblue.org.au/index.aspx? 1300 22 4636

'Light a candle' online for Olivia Penpraze. www.heavenaddress.com/Olivia-Jane-Penpraze/407926/

Bullying. No way! www.bullyingnoway.com.au

Beyond Bullying www.beyondbullying.com.au

Headspace www.headspace.org.au

Reach Out www.reachout.com.au

Mind Matters www.mindmatters.edu.au

The Anti Bullying Network www.antibullying.net

National Coalition Against Bullying www.ncab.org.au

Cybersmart Program www.cybersmart.gov.au

Adolescent psychologist Michael Carr-Gregg www.michaelcarr-gregg.com.au

National Centre Against Bullying www.ncab.org.au

Alannah and Madeline Foundation: www.amf.org.au