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It's Adelaide’s cancer treatment revolution. Situated on South Road at Kurralta Park, Adelaide Complementary Therapies is getting in on the ground floor when it comes to treating the symptoms of cancer.

The centre offers physiotherapy, counselling, massage and acupuncture. They're working in tandem with the medicos on the first floor, who diagnose and treat patients with surgery, chemo and radiotherapy.

Medical research scientist and co-director of Adelaide Complementary Therapies, Maggie McGee says the medical profession, particularly in South Australia, is changing it's mind when it comes to complementary treatments.

“The oncologists here at the Tennyson Centre are very contemporary. They know what the science is and they are not going to accept any therapy that doesn't have scientific evidence behind it," says Maggie.

Oncologist Dr Francis Parnis of the Adelaide Cancer Centre says patients can greatly benefit through managing their disease under the same roof rather than running all around town.

“I think its lovely to see people who are looking forward to going to have a spa after their treatment or a massage or maybe on the way, and feeling that they're being attended to and loved and cared for, I think that's really important," says Dr Parnis.

Ollie was diagnosed with thyroid cancer last year and had her thyroid removed. Thankfully she's now in remission and a lot more relaxed about the situation.

“I wish this place was here when I was first diagnosed that I could have had these treatments or therapies to help me. The psychologists that may help relaxation a bit more and other services like the hydrotherapy bath that may help, which I think is what I need," says Ollie.

Christine has had both breasts removed but says the peace of mind she's found here has gone a long way to her survival.

“It’s going to be an enormous help to everybody, not just women. I mean there’s a lot of men going through this sort of thing as well," says Christine.

It’s all about trying to have fun, maybe distracting themselves from the less fun things that they are going through at the time.

At the moment they are in a private setting but open to the general public… to anyone with a chronic disease.

"It's about addressing the emotional and psychological aspects of disease. We are the first in terms of an integrated therapist practice for outpatients and anyone in the general community,” says Maggie.

The clinical data is now there that medical people do not have all the answers.

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