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It might be ok for chooks but free range cats can be very unpalatable, escaping from their owners homes to roam free creating massive problems.

Partly because many unsexed cats feed into the feral cat population.

Apart from that our native birds are being killed by cats in ever increasing numbers� not to mention the health aspects of cats urinating in childrens sand pits and spreading disease.

So we ask�. what's being done about all the cats behaving badly?

Well one local entrepreneur reckons he has the answer to the cat problem.

He's come up with "Oscilott," a cat containment system that allows your feline to roam in it's own backyard and not go over the wall.

"Its been a hard issue trying to keep the cats in," says Paul "but now that we've come up with this idea, which is very un-obstrusive, there is no reason why people should have their cats roaming at all."

Pauls brother is John Bok, retired no but a news anchor a decade ago, is helping his sibling get the message across about this South Australian invention.

John says "the idea is that if a cat leaps onto a fence to get out it's paws can't get a grip on the top. A paddle attached to the top of the fence starts spinning, the cat then falls back to the ground. Also a cat trying to come in from outside is going to encounter the same problem so you can keep cats out as well as in."

This gives Paul Bok, a genuine alternative to what's been around for years.

"People have cages, people have wires and netting over whole gardens and I thought there's got to be something better than that so I set about about planning this."

While the Bok boys are trying to push their innovation they are getting little help or moral support from the State Government or the Dog and Cat Management Board.

"The time is well overdue for the Dog and Cat Management Board to actually start legislating for cat containment," says Paul "�it's something that's already happening in the eastern states. Compulsory de-sexing, compulsory micro chipping and compulsory registration."

Independent MP Bob Such is another who reckons the board have been pussy footing around when it comes to changes to cat legislation.

"Action is needed," says Mr Such "but what we've had over a long period of time is inaction by the Dog and Cat Management Board and the State Government."

Today Tonight approached the Dog and Cat Management Board in an effort to get their current position.

We were told they have nothing to offer

Meanwhile Paul Bok is doing his bit for the ever growing cat problem with his super effective invention.

The Oscillot pet containment system is available through fencing companies and hardware shops or contact John on: 0422 426 469, website: or email: