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Reading can be a real struggle for some school children and it impacts on more than just their ability to learn.

But what if, in just two weeks you could propel these kids to the top of the class and boost their self-confidence?

Psychologist Maria De Lono is running the first trials in Adelaide on Cellfield, a computer designed program to help kids overcome reading disorders like dyslexia.

"It's really the first program that looks at combining the auditory and visual aspects at the same time."

According to the program's creator, Dimitri Caplijyn, if the results interstate are anything to go by, he's expecting huge improvements with kids here.

"The average improvement is twelve months, some are improving several years, six years or seven years and this is measured by using university standard tests."

Gilles Plain principal Mark Hansen has enrolled four of his students in the trial.

"It does seem quite extraordinary that in two weeks they can completely overhaul these kids' ability to read."

The program assesses the child's reading level, their comprehensive level and what symptoms they display.

Once assessed, the spend the next two weeks engaged in what appears to be a computer game, wearing 3D glasses and gaining points in order to get a top score.

Maria explains that it is all about stimulating different parts of the brain.

"The computer screen often has patterns and bars running across it, it's the sort of visual information which stimulates the visual parts of the brain."

The results were remarkable.

"I don't get mixed up with my words", says Kayla.

"I can read more fluently and pronounce words a lot better," says Sam.

Despite the positive results, Cellfield has failed to impress the Education Department who for the last four years have not made any attempts to subsidise the program.

"The whole Education Department fraternity is such a giant monolith that it's going to take some time for people to realise that this is genuine," says Dimitri.

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