Centrelink Fight


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Susy lost almost everything after a car accident left her with crippling back pain. A hard worker her entire life, she thought the government would be there for her when she needed it most… But unable to access the disability pension, her world became a bureaucratic nightmare as she fought to get the help she so desperately needed.


The Department of Human Services follows a thorough process to make sure applicants meet eligibility rules, as set down in legislation.
We consider all relevant information supplied during the claim process to reach its decision.

The department takes great care to accurately maintain customer records based on the information provided.
If a person’s circumstances change, or they have additional information or evidence that outlines a change to their condition, they can request a review of the original decision.
In this case, the SSAT found in favour of the appeal, and the department has fully complied with the ruling.
Disability Support Pension (DSP) background
DSP is designed to provide support for people who have a permanent disability that prevents them from working 15 hours or more per week. This means a person's medical condition must be considered to be fully diagnosed, treated and stabilised, and likely to last for more than two years without any significant functional improvement leading to a capacity to work.
In order to make an assessment about DSP, we require recent medical information outlining their condition and prognosis.
Generally, people applying for DSP are also required to attend a Job Capacity Assessment to determine the impact of their medical condition on their ability to work. These assessments are conducted by a qualified health or allied health professional, who uses relevant medical information and legislated Impairment Tables to assign ratings to the functional impact of conditions.