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South Australia is the car clunker capital of the country…. And it's not something we should be proud of.

John chapman from the Motor Trade Association says, "… One of the reasons there are so many clunky cars on our road is that in South Australia we have no system of vehicle inspection”.

And until there is, old and un-roadworthy vehicles will continue to ghost our streets, putting lives at risk.

This tragic accident occurred just last month... “Eight month old Ibriham Muhammd Islam died after toxic carbon monoxide fumes leaked into the cabin of the car… his 33 year old mother and seven year old sister were also overcome by the fumes passing out as the ford crashed into a parked car on Sir Donald Bradman Drive".

Horrific incidences like this one can and should be prevented.

"It enforces the need for vehicles to be in good condition. They are designed for a particular purpose when parts break or there are gaps or issues it causes issues people aren't generally aware of… we think that the best approach is for vehicle inspection at change of ownership… what we'd like to see is the start of a safety culture in South Australia when it comes to motor vehicles we think it's absent," says John.

Dr Robert Anderson from the centre for automotive safety research says new cars are the most secure they've ever been, complete with all the bells and whistles from a starting price of a little over $10,000,” says Dr Anderson.

And now is the best time to get your hands on a good deal... Not to mention give the local motor industry the support it needs.

"We've seen virtually zero percent increase on some, it's often around 2 percent… people need to compare their financing options and look at their own situation but the market is very, very competitive," says John.

Mum Sue Banks wanted to trade in her old car for a new Holden Captiva but living 40 minutes from the city meant she had little chance to shop around.

"I didn't really want to go to a car yard, only because we live in the hills… it's a long trek to go into the city, and didn't really have the time, too busy with work commitments and kids,” says Sue.

She was referred to an online service… Autogenie... Which does all the scouting and haggling for you.

"A friend used it and told me they saved a couple of thousand dollars so we thought we'd give it a try as well," says Sue.

Colette Grgic from Autogenie explains how it works…

"… instead of having to go from one dealership to the next and haggling over price, what you would do is hop onto, tell us the car that you want, sit back and relax and we go out to the dealership network and by the end of the day we'll get back to you with the best offers from all over the state not just your city,".

"You can even do things like I wanted a tow bar on mine so they’d give you a price including the tow bar, when they could deliver and how much their prices were, so it was easy," says Sue.

And they have access to a large number of the most popular car dealers.

"Autogenie works with the best dealers across the entire country including Ford, Mazda dealers, Holden dealers and many, many more." Says Colette.

By the end of the day Sue had three offers... All were better than the quote she'd originally sourced herself, she saved $2000 and didn't have to go shopping.

"We are saving consumers on average 2.5 thousand each and we've seen savings of $6000 to $15000 per car," says Colette.

It's costs a $49 service fee and if you aren't happy with the offers you'll get your money back.

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