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Forget mortgage stress, rental stress or giving up the Australian dream of owning a home. Here comes the next generation of cheap housing.

Some of the contemporary designs could be yours for just under 40 thousand dollars.

Jim Jovanovic from the Archi Centre says: "Gone are the days of daggy pre -fabricated rectangular boxes with asbestos sheeting and corrugated iron."

Nowadays, with advances in durable building materials coupled with the demand for contemporary designs, transportables, relocatables and kit homes are fast becoming funky family homes.

If well maintained, kit homes can last for a number of years, same as a brick home. Maintenance is the most important thing.

From houses made of straw, to mud. Converted shipping containers to log cabins, it seems the sky's the limit.

The homes are becoming far more contemporary. Moving away from what traditionally was built as the first family home or the subsequent family home, and that is being brought about by the use of the alternative materials.

Ross Perre from Nu Steel Homes says: "This housing revolution is not only geared for recreational houses and shacks, it's taking place right in the heart of Adelaide suburbia."

He says 50% of their business is now in the kit home market, giving DIY homebuyers the opportunity to save thousands of dollars.

For something upmarket but not overpriced comes the Max Pritchard range of architecturally built permanent homes from Hickinbotham, starting from just $62,000.

But for a snapshot into the future, Kevin Weeks from All Steel Homes says this is the way to go.

Factory built and energy efficient, "Supaloc" steel frame homes .are designed by the homebuyer on computer-aided software to be relocated straight onto your property.

So what does the future hold for alternative housing overseas?

Toyota actually has it's own house manufacturing business and in the UK Ikea have just rolled out their version of flat pack homes. The only question is, can you build it yourself with just one Allan key?

What do consumers need to look out for? Definitely make sure that you are looking for something that is suitable for your lifestyle, location, access to your site and also make sure that what's included in the price is exactly what you can afford

The only challenge left is finding a decent parcel of land for your home.

Smaller houses are pretty much going to be less pricey and the larger homes on sloping sites will be obviously dearer.

Nu-Steel Homes
Port Wakefield Rd, Greenfields
(08) 8281 8488
Head office
Toll Free: 1 800 777 432

Kit homes starting from $30,000

Allsteel Transportable Homes
Display Village
Pt Wakefield Rd, Parafield Gardens
(08) 8281 7444
Head office
Elizabeth West
(08) 8282 7300

Relocatables starting from $39,900

Hickinbotham Homes
Max Pritchard series of permanent homes starting from $62,000
(08) 8366 0000