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Smart Parenting for Safer Kids
By Freda Briggs AO

Australia's leading child protection expert, UniSA's Professor Freda Briggs AO, has recently released her new book which is a practical, explicit and realistic guide for handling parenting issues in contemporary Western society.

Smart Parenting for Safer Kids combines research findings with Prof Briggs' extensive experience in providing practical applications and solutions for safety issues. Parents, parent educators, counsellors and health service professionals alike are able to gain a wealth of knowledge about promoting healthy sexual development in children, developing children's safety skills online and in person, and child protection measures.

"Parenting is harder now than it has ever been," Prof Briggs said. "There are more and different hazards for children. Most parents want to be good parents but don't know what to do. Those who read the draft of the book said, 'if only I could have had this when my children were young'.

"The book talks about the grooming methods used by sex offenders to gain parents' trust. When children are abused by people they know, parents often suffer life-long guilt because they didn't spot the signals and unwittingly handed their children over. Hopefully the book will help parents and children to create safer environments."

The book also explores building stronger children who can make safe, smart choices and avoid danger; and safeguarding children from bullying, cyberspace and internet dangers.