Cocky Ban


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Georgie sure is a hard act to follow. Always guaranteed to steal the show, even from his body-bending boss Christine Danton who taught him everything he knows about showbiz.

On last week's Australia's Got Talent, Christine's eye-popping party tricks, which she's been performing around the world since she was four, blew away all three judges.

Not many got voted through by 3 judges but I got through.

And Georgie the all-talking, all-dancing short-billed Corella was all set to swoop in as Christine's ace card in the show's semi finals.

Then the feathers started flying from across the border.

"He's the smartest bird in Australia but now some Galah has banned him from performing in Victoria. He likes to do rock around clock, his favourite song, and we were going to do it as a duet with him doing his bit and my tap dance upside down," says Christina.

An unimpressed bureaucrat in Victoria has Christine crying foul, refusing her a permit to take Georgie from South Australia into Victoria, even though there's nothing stopping him winging across the state line under his own steam.

"Everything was going fine until I mentioned he was going to be dancing on Australia's Got Talent then they said now no way� they said if it was a pig talking or dog that did tricks, that would be alright, but I couldn't have a Cockatoo dancing in Victoria in public," says Christine.

Without her star attraction, Christine had to pull out of the semi finals.

Victorian party poopers told us Georgie is considered protected wildlife. Even if they're in plague numbers across the nation, in their words, the use of protected wildlife in dance is not consistent with the objectives of the wildlife regulation act of 1975.

We couldn't find similar laws anywhere else however there is one thing that really makes Christine ropeable about the Vics� their double standards.

Christine says, "in Victoria they capture wild Corells in thousands. They net them, put a ring around the leg and bring them into SA and sell them in pet shops and they go into aviaries for the next 80 or 100 yrs. That is wrong.

After we contacted the Victorians about banning Georgie, they relented. They called Christine and told her they'd give her a special permit, but it's come too late, the show's already in the can and Georgie will just have to wait in the wings for his next shot at tv stardom.