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Adelaide GP Dr. Mark Rogers is having great success making pain disappear with his revolutionary world-first treatment using lasers.

Dr. Rogers approach begins by taking pictures of a patient with a thermo-imaging camera. It's the same hot-spot technology used in cricket to show whether the ball has made contact with the bat.

"We've found with infrared laser beam being able to get in quite deep and using a camera like the hot spot at the cricket, we can actually visualise the pain, show them where their pain is and then find the injury and actually be precise about where they've hurt themselves," says Dr Rogers.

That's where the cold lasers come in, targeting the soft tissue deep in the problem areas and stimulating the production of collagen cells which assist the healing process.

"They generate heat and so it feels good, people say it feels soothing, it's the best massage they've never had," says Dr Rogers.

In fact he believes you may well be wasting your money having physio or chiropractors working on you.

"I think unless you know what the problem is, you can't solve it and I think it's important that when people are in pain, that they're not touched …people have these habits of looking for the instant hour and a half of muscle relaxation but it's not good for you because you've got something broken and if you have something stretched or pulled or prodded, it aggravates it," says Dr Rogers.

After 35 years of constant pain down his back and legs, Peter Mills is seeing incredible results.

"Which is amazing, there's no pain down my leg any more, no numbness of the foot, now moving to neck and I am excited about the closure of this problem I've had for years," says Peter.

After trying the laser treatment two years ago Mark Potts says he hasn't had one of the debilitating migraines he'd suffered since he was a teenager.

"Everything I can think of I've tried. Acupuncture, chiropractic um, any kind of herbal thing that I'd hear about, you know I've tried everything. It's hard to explain how good it is but it's great, yeah," says Peter.

From modern medical technology to the other end of the spectrum is the ancient Chinese method of bamboo healing practised by martial arts master Stephen Tiong.

"My treatment appears to look like a miracle but its not, it is a journey, the journey that you have to take care of yourself but you have to start with me …detoxing, removing the toxin from the muscle, once removed physically then healing begins," explains Stephen.

After seeing Stephen's unconventional treatment on the internet Gayle Greer and Charlie Valenti flew half way around the world from the US in a last ditch bid to fix their chronic pain.

"My entire life is structured around my pain… that's my life," says Gayle.

"This thing evolved into a global pain issue where my entire body would hurt. Jaw, chest, into my legs …whole system out of whack," says Charlie.

As we've seen previously on Today Tonight, Stephen gets amazing results with his bamboo stick which works much like a primitive ultra sound.

"The stick start off by transmitting vibration energy ...turns to heat ...heat will break down toxins embedded in muscle tissue," says Stephen.

It's not for the feint-hearted. No pain no gain. But after a week of beltings and massage, Gayle and Charlie are now converts.

"I love things that don't involve drugs or surgery. Natural medicine, I am into that, I thought it was just wonderful," says Gayle.

And both agree it was worth the trip from America.

As for the cold laser therapy, Dr. Rogers says he can't guarantee it works for everybody.

"It's not a panacea to the problems of pain but for a lot of people it changes how they hold their head, it changes how they hold their back, their muscles relax and as laser stimulates collagen production, it inherently makes them better," says Dr Rogers.

Treatment costs $1200 (upfront) for 4 months worth of treatment consisting of 3 x 1hr appointments per week for first two weeks, 2 x 1hr appointments for next two weeks then re-assess & change consistency and duration as necessary.

Pensioners can claim up to 80% of the balance left after the $578.60 safety net.

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