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When it comes to losing weight they say sweet treats like cakes and biscuits are the biggest no, no but what if we told you, you could eat up to 9 cookies a day and actually drop the kilos?

It is called the Cookie Diet and it has now arrive in Australia. The cookies are made from secret ingredients and have been medically and scientifically prove to work for the past 36 years, with a combined total of 20 million kilos already lost by dieters overseas.

It sounds like a gimmick, eating sweet biscuits to lose heaps of weight but the proof is in the pudding for American Obesity Expert, Dr Sanford Siegal and his famous cookie diet.

"We determined a long time ago that the biggest detriment to losing weight was hunger. Hunger wrecks diets and I felt that we would have much better success with our patients if we had a better method of controlling hunger", said Dr Siegal.

To do that, the Bariatric Specialist came up with his own secret medical formula of ingredients which he then turned into a tasty flavoured cookie. It has worked for half a million of his patients and many more who now buy then on-line. Among them, celebrities like Jessica Simpson and Sooky from the hit TV show, "Jersey Shore".

"What's in the biscuit that makes it work is mixture of proteins. That's my formula. It's a combination of certain proteins that absolutely control hunger", said Dr Siegal.

Dr Siegal added, "What I look for is for someone to lose in the range of 5 to 6 kilos per month. Now that's rapid weight loss, 5 to 6 kilo a month. Now when that person get on the scale on a regular basis and sees the weight coming down that bolsters their motivation and encourages them to go on with the diet. So many people will start a diet and most diets do not address the subject of hunger and they become disinterested in because first of all it's difficult and secondly they don't see the results which bolsters their motivation".

The diet works like this. You take two cookies at breakfast then one every two hours until lunchtime. At lunch you consume two cookies then another at two hour intervals in the afternoon. For dinner there is a protein based meal of around 500 calories. Finally you take another cookie as an evening snack. Combine this with exercise and the kilos will melt away.

Dr Siegal said, "If you eat a 1000 to 1200 calories a day on a diet that's controlled by a food, our cookies that control hunger, you absolutely will lose weight. The purpose of our cookie is to control hunger".

Dr Siegal's cookies are now being made in Australia. Lisa Marie Farnhill and Leile Khouri have had spectacular results in the four weeks they have been eating them as well as exercising.

"I have tried he shake diets and I didn't find they were fulfilling enough...I was still hungry after I had these shakes and to compare to these cookies. They really work and.they satisfy my hunger", said Lisa Marie

Lisa Marie has now lost just over 7.5kgs, 11cm from her waistline, 9 cm off her hips and 0.5cm from her arms.

Leila's lost about the same amount of weight as Lisa Marie, 15cm from her waist, 9cm off her hips and about 8cm from her arms.

Dr Siegal's son, Matthew used the diet to lose 20kg and appear on a US reality TV show. He says the biggest killer of any diet is when dieters revert back to their old habits.

"If you go back to same habits that caused you to be overweight in first place, you are going to be overweight again, .but once you have lost weight, maintain the level of calories and exercise then you'll keep weight off", Matthew.

Dr Siegal says there is nothing wrong in losing weight quickly as long as you follow proper medical advice.

There are two things that are absolutely essential if we're going to have a successful weight loss program. One is we must control hunger and the second we have to have a motivated individual who is participating in the process". said Dr Siegal.

Matthew said, "If this is a fad then it's one of the longest lasting fads in history because it has been around"

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