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When the going gets tough, it seems sex still sells.

This slick blockbuster video is taking selling a house on Queensland's Gold Coast to a new level.

And then there's this b-grade spoof from "licensed to sell" Adelaide corn star Andrew Kyriakou who works for Michael Kris Real Estate.

“A lot of the time when agents sell real estate they’re basically empty rooms… I like to put life into it,” says Andrew.

Andrew managed to sell Petra List's unit in just six days... achieving more for it than she'd hoped for.

“Let's do a James Bond theme… you know you’ve got the electric gates, the elevators, so let's have fun with it… we did and it went viral,” explains Andrew.

Sara Orellana was cast in the video of her house… it sold in under two weeks, well above her expectation.

“They’re a little bit corny, absolutely… you got to, I think people want to see that... that’s what they want to see, you want to reach and relate to your demographic.

In a flat real estate market Andrew's vendors aren't complaining... he's already made a dozen videos that are downloaded onto You Tube and the company's own website... he's also written a book on how to sell a house for top dollars.

James and Larissa Lopes’ production company, Perspective Media makes Andrew's videos…

“It’s going to make the house that much more accessible to people that can’t necessarily get to an open, it reduces traffic through, it does a whole bunch of things to improve the lives of agents, vendors,” says James.

Their productions won't bust your budget... in fact they're far more cost effective than newspaper and magazine ads.

“Anywhere between $300 to $1000… the video is there for the duration of the campaign so you're getting more bang for your buck but also you’re reaching a far greater audience when people, our demographic buyers, are looking on line anyway,” says Andrew.

“When you look back at what others do and what Andrew is doing… its chalk and cheese,” says

Andrew's bosses Michael Georgiadis and Chris Papagiannis are amazed at the results and say creative videos are the future of real estate advertising.

“Doesn't matter what market in always buying and selling happening providing we stand out you're going to sell in any given market,” says Andrew.

His latest challenge is a 3.2 million mansion by the sea...

“You’ve got your magnificent pool and an outdoor kitchen as well, tennis court, ample bedrooms, it really is an entertainers’ home,” says Andrew.

So you get a serve of John Mc Enroe... Hell's Kitchen's Gordon Ramsay... and mankini Borat.

“I admit it I love it. I have fun with it and I think people see that and because you’re having fun with it, you’re passionate about showcasing the benefits of the home so it’s a win, win for everyone,” says Andrew.