Corunna Station land grab win


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It's been an eight year battle...

We met the French family two months ago... Fighting to keep their own land... Corunna station... And everything they'd worked for.

Patriarch Graham, his son Brenton, wife Jo and their three teenage children had already fought off the Federal Government in court after it tried to compulsorily acquired their 576 square km station... In the state's mid north.

“All the way through we were told it was being acquired for defence purposes,” says Graham.

“…then we found out 2 and a half years ago that they were only taking 20 per cent for military purposes,” says Brenton.

The other 80 per-cent of their land was to be a bargaining chip in a land swap with the Barngarla Aboriginal group after some of their land was also acquired by the government.

All this was done behind the family's back...

The government with unlimited resources appealed the original decision but today after much media pressure and a petition from the family, the government has backed off.

Just like the iconic movie ‘The Castle... There's a happy ending...

“It's fair dinkum you know... It's pretty much how it is in the castle,” says Brenton.