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Economic shock has set in around the world. So, why is Adam Dennison laughing? Adam runs a business that's booming, a business that will save you money.

Whilst a lot of businesses are struggling, the coupon industry is thriving. That's because every day the economy gets worse, people are looking to save even more.

All you have to do is cut out your coupons. Yes, we all know them, they've been around for 100 years. But in today's world, their reach and their relevance has never been greater.

It seems every manner of business is turning to coupons to advertise.

"These advertisers are being extremely aggressive in these difficult times and are keen and eager to get people in the front door," says Adam.

And it's working, according to Victor of the "Best Fresh Farm Market". He uses smart saver coupons to drum up business. "At least 25% of the customers that come into the store every day, would have a coupon."

"It is not just for cheap skates. All types of people are using coupons at the moment. It just makes good sense" says Adam.

Not everyone gets the paper publication but coupon savings can now be found on the web. In addition to there is whypayfullprice and hotdockets - all sites choca block with discounts.

Business commentator Peter Switzer says "People are starting to get serious about how they spend their money and coupon businesses are often ignored during booms because people feel really wealthy. Now people are evaluating what their real position is. They are looking around for bargains and sometimes these coupon businesses can offer bargains."

"There is really something for everybody in it. And the discounts you can get vary between 25 and 50 percent off what you'd be spending at those places any way." Ben Johnson runs the Entertainment book. A treasure trove of luxury experiences - genuinely discounted. "The books cost $65 dollars but there is well over $20,000 dollars worth of value in each book."

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