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Why do local councils bite the hands that feed them? Ridiculous council rules banning outdoor tv's, petty parking restrictions and no fixed tables… the crazy control freaks driving businesses up the wall

Council Statement

The City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters would like to make the following statement regarding vehicle parking on the yellow lines in Penna Avenue, outside of the Pasta Deli business at Glynde.

The Council has not issued any parking infringement notices for cars parked on the yellow lines in Penna Avenue in 2015, nor has the Council had any contact with SAPOL suggesting that they police the area.

During a meeting in January 2015, the Council advised Mr Taddeo that the yellow lines are required for the safe operation of the intersection, and are not related to the Fire Station which was previously located on his property.

At this meeting, the Council committed to undertaking a review to investigate if the length of the yellow lines could be reduced without compromising safety. This review was undertaken, and it has been determined that any reduction in the length of the lines would result in an unacceptable safety risk to motorists entering and exiting Penna Avenue.


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