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Angry, itching, uncomfortable, incurable eczema -- tamed just 20 minutes later.

Santha Anderson used to look at her twin baby boys and almost cry at their pain and discomfort. Her sons Griffin and Rhett suffer from chronic eczema all over their bodies and Santha had tried everything to calm it.

But it was a cheap, home-grown product, with very humble beginnings, that ended up having the best results. "Within 2 days there was a 70% improvement on their bodies and it was just amazing," Santha said.

It all started with Les Redding's grand-daughter's nappy rash. "I suggested they use petroleum jelly on it and the kids wouldn't do it because they said it was poison. So I did some research and discovered really you shouldn't be using petroleum jelly or baby oil because they are petroleum-derived products. The old story is you shouldn't put anything on your skin that you wouldn't put in your mouth. I went back and started researching plants that would give me the effect that I wanted," Les said.

In his small kitchen Les toiled away at the stove, mixing up various brews and concoctions with an emphasis on only using plant extracts. He uses wheat germ and other ingredients, which he keeping a closely-guarded secret, but it worked on the nappy rash and worked on a lot of other things too.

Now this grand-dad has a business worth around $20 million dollars. "People have told us it works on dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis. I know from experience with psoriasis -- I had it on eyelids and ears and scalp and now nobody can see it. I keep it totally under control using the invisible glove," Les said.

Les called it the "invisible glove" because that's what it's like. "It gives total and complete protection and nothing can get onto your skin � solvents, chemicals, detergents, grease, dirt," Les said.

But it does allow perspiration to escape, limiting the chances of you reacting to your own sweat.

Carol Rose's psoriasis was an ugly affair which made her self-conscious, but a lucky break getting a job in a pharmacy put her in touch with the Invisible Glove. She says it's helped her discomfort immensely.

It has the medical profession impressed also. Dr Pete Smith is an allergy specialist and says he was surprised by the Invisible Glove's humble beginnings. But that's why he likes it - it's simple and it works. "This cream is not a cure for eczema but it is very good in reducing the flares and symptoms of eczema. It's got less ingredients so there's less chance to react to the product and its cost effective," Dr. Smith said.

A tube costs around $20 dollars and Les has come a long way from mixing it up in his kitchen. He's gone from making 10,000 tubes a year to being able to punch out 3,000 an hour, which he says he'll need once the rest of the world hears about the Iinvisible Glove. "Absolutely -- we give a guarantee if it doesn't work for anybody within 14 days, we give a full refund of the product," Les said.

Naturalene's "Invisible Glove" is available at most health food and organic stores.