Dame Edna


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Modest as always, Dame Edna arrived today, to launch her own range of makeup. Just what anyone would need, to accentuate lilac - she insists hers is natural - hair. With hope in his heart, James Thomas went along to interview the housewife superstar. Except... it didn't turn out quite the way he intended.

"In transport befitting royalty, the Dame, a true pro, had me on the back foot right from hello... I wasn't interviewing her - she was interviewing me" says James Thomas. "The grand Dame had turned the tables by meticulously researching my personal life."

"I know about him because I am very psychic. In a little dream or in a little trance two adorable animals come to me - little Millie and Sala... Your pets that died" said Dame Edna to James.

"I was so young when I received my first dog, I had almost forgotten it myself. But not Dame Edna and that's her skill, flatter the journo and he'll be putty in your hands" says James.

Dame Edna has just signed a deal to become the face of MAC Cosmetics. A natural fit really.

"I am a woman, naturally beautiful. I am attractive more than beautiful perhaps and I don't need artificial aids. But I think every woman should enhance herself, just a little and that is what I do" says Dame Edna.

Dame Edna Everedge has been thrilling audiences since 1955 and while never seen in the same room, she has had a long standing partnership with well known satirist Barry Humphries.

Edna makeup available from:

Myer Adelaide
22 Rundle Mall
Ph: (08) 8205 9119

David Jones Rundle Mall
North Terrace
Ph. (08) 8305 3000