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The book "Lambs To the Slaughter" by well known true crime author Debi Marshall explores the sordid world of child killer Derek Ernest Percy. Amongst the host of unsolved murders and disappearances for which Percy is a suspect is Adelaide's most haunting mystery, that of the Beaumont children. Percy was jailed in 1969 for the killing of 12 year old Yvonne Tuohy at Warneet west of Melbourne. However Percy seems to have been at the locations of other child killings prior to this. He was in Sydney when 3 year old Simon Brook was murdered and nearby Wanda Beach when two teenage girls were mutilated and slain. He was also in Melbourne when 7 year old Linda Stilwell disappeared and in Adelaide in January 1966 at the same time the Beaumonts went missing.

In 2007 a vault of documents, maps and writing were found belonging to Percy and they have contributed to the up coming inquest into the Linda Stilwell mystery. What they show is yet to be revealed. However earlier Percy writings that have been recovered appear to reflect the style of killing involved in some of the unsolved cases.

Debi Marshall interviews many of the people involved in these cases, the families, the police and even Percy's mother who is still protective of her son and is thought to have withheld information from police. The other proposition the book proposes is that Percy being a skilled sailor may have used a boat to abduct children like Linda and possibly even the three Beaumont children. This provides an explanation for there being no evidence left behind.

The book is available from all good book shops and is published by Random House.