DNA Car Guard


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Car thieves�.. you're in big trouble!

You're about to get a spray from some very innovative inventors.

Andrew Taft and Tania Jolley from Adelaide have come up with 'DNA Car Guard' and it's sure to leave a lasting impression on anyone trying to steal your car or it's contents.

Andrew says "if the thief breaks into the car he's sprayed with the UV and the DNA after which he's got it on his skin. Each car has it's own unique DNA."

And if he is spoken to by police at a later time they can run a black light over him and see the plant derived DNA solution all over his guilty face and body�. and it's a case of "gotcha!"

"'A thief breaks into your car" says Andrew, "and he breaks into another car. He now has two DNA codes on him. Or if he breaks into 50 cars and all the systems are in, he gets done for 50."

Andrew has used his extensive knowledge of electronics in the UK and Australia to come up with this clever crook catching device. "As we know from the police they normally know who these thieves are but can never prove it. This is obviously making their job much easier," says Andrew.

But Ray Carroll from the National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council has put a dampener on the idea, claiming police won't go for this new DNA technology.

"The theory of it is probably quite good but in practical terms ninety five per cent of cars are stolen used and dumped before its even known its been stolen. Offenders are well gone and police really can't walk around the streets testing people at random to see if they have this on them," explained Ray.

But Andrew and Tania are not deterred and say DNA car guard is the way of the future in fighting any kind of crime involving motor vehicles.

"Absolutely�.absolutely "says Tania "I mean what it's doing is forensically placing them at the scene of the crime at the time a crime occurred."

The cost of the system will be around $800 and according to Ray Carroll the motoring public will turn away from the device favouring cheaper alternatives.

But the driven couple also have a personal alarm with the DNA spray attached and see the synthetic DNA technology being perfect for petrol stations and other soft hold up targets.

The DNA car guard may also be of help fighting the increasing crime of carjacking.

Tania sums up it up for many victims of crime when she says "I mean what right have they got to enter and violate our lives and to think what's ours is theirs and they can come and get it at any time they like? It's time to fight back."

Further information on DNA car guard from Andrew Taft or Tania Jolley at DNA Security Solutions on 1300 667 688 or go to: www.dnasecuritysolutions.com.au