Dodgy Wedding Photographer


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They say the camera doesn't lie.....but Steven Jones did when he promised to provide the complete wedding photo package ..on time and complete to several Adelaide brides and grooms.

"Certain photos we were wanting ...which all got ticked as far as the day was concerned ...they were all taken,” says Mel.

No-one can complain about the quality of Jones work for the thousands he charged...just the quantity….many once in a lifetime photos taken on the big day... somehow...went missing.

“Gone....they were gone ..he didn't know where they went ...just disappeared," Mel says.

Craig and Melanie Jones didn't pay two and a half thousand dollars to Jones to end up with an incomplete wedding album.

”I got all my family photos ...we didn't get any of Craigs,” says Mel.

“Afterwards when we had my extended family ...all those photos were gone ...grandparents ...aunts ...uncles cousin ...they were all missing ....and we have none of our cake cutting,” adds Craig.

But somehow.... along came Jones who managed to lose the unlosable.

"If the digital camera was full ..take the card out ..put a new card in it just wouldn't be just snapping away without not knowing it's not working," Craig says.

“Three complainants ...three consumers that have contacted consumer and business services in the last twelve to eighteen months that have been dis-satisfied with the product they have received from Mr Jones,” says

Consumer and business services commissioner Paul White says he has received three complaints and three consumers have contacted consumer and businesses services in the last twelve to eighteen months that have been dis-satisfied with the product they have received from Mr. Jones.

”The consumer complaints generally relate to the non supply of the complete package that was agreed to"

"At first i thought he...he seemed like a good bloke ..he was nice ...he was friendly with us ...and great ...but afterwards ...he just did the big disappearing act on us was like pulling teeth to try and get a hold of him for anything," Craig says.

Steven Jones ran the etch photographic studio out of these rented premises on Goodwood road at Cumberland park .....but it's clear to see he's now moved on.

"He doesn't want to front up ...doesn't want to do anything ...he just wants his money and gone," says Craig.

He lives in this house at South Plympton ....but wasn't home when we called ...he did tell us later over the phone he was working today and wouldn't be able to appear on camera… but looking around his's obvious...he has been spending money on renovations.

“He just keeps coming up with excuses of ...oh I'm renovating my kitchen or I'm doing this and I'm doing that it's like shouldn't be doing this if you're liable to be paying people back for what you owe them," says Mel.

According to the commissioner ...Jones has made a half-hearted attempt at restitution...but it didn't really develop.

"Mr Jones came in took part in the conference with the complainants and signed an instrument agreeing to make good and settle the outstanding claim if you like ...however they were only partly settled ..and remain outstanding, "

So the commissioner upped the anti.

”We've escalated the complaint to compulsory conciliation we've contacted or written to Mr Jones on three occasions and he's declined to attend those compulsory conciliation," the commissioner says.

Jones website is still up and running and displaying his considerable talent.

“Run....don't waste your money on him."

Commissioner White has now issued an official public warning on the consumer and business services website

"The public warning is not telling people don't trade with him ...I can't say that ...and I can't stop him operating at this point in time ...what I am saying to the public through this public warning is if you're going to deal with Mr Jones then make sure you cross your tee's and dot your i's,” the commissioner says.