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"After 3 weeks I've lost 11 kilos which I'm very amazed at."

And counting, we met Joanna Hamill last year losing 4 kilos a week

"For about 5 years I've been trying to lose weight and this seems to be the best one so far
The Dukan diet would make you lose weight relatively quickly." Says Joanna

The DUKAN DIET was the diet phenomenon of 2010 the eating plan designed by a French Doctor was even hailed as the new ATKINS DIET It ticked all the boxes rapid weight loss celebrity endorsements and a chorus line of 5 million former fat French men and women singing its praises but a year on - has it lived up to the hype?

"It definitely is the fastest way to lose weight to lose weight - we know that." Says Ginne

The diet is essentially divided into Four phases spearheaded by an all protein kick start

This first phase is called the ATTACK PHASE For 5 days Dieters eat only protein rich foods.

"There's hardly any vegetables - a couple of spoons of oat bran and that's it."

The second CRUISING phase introduces unlimited amounts of vegetables with lean meats and fish. You follow this until you reach your dream weight

The third CONSOLIDATION phase adds fruit, cheese and starchy foods and one cheat meal a week. It lasts for 10 days for every kilo lost.

Stabilisation is the the name of the fourth phase and follows the basic rules of phase 3

"It seemed the easiest and most user friendly" says Joanne

But year on, Joanna has found the DUKAN diet tough going the protein heavy diet and the no alcohol rule had her on the precipice of quitting her weight loss slowed to 15 kilos but she's planning to see it out

"Having considered giving up decided no, I was going to really stick with this." Says Joanna

"I've lost almost 12 kilos and really, really easy to do." Says Marie

But new Dukan Dieter, Marie Moloney was surprised how quickly she saw results 12 kilos in 3 months

"In the first week, you lose about 3 kilos, that's what happened with me. And then after 2 weeks people really start to notice. And then you go - great!" says Marie

Marie is sold she is never hungry and is convinced its one of the easiest diets she's tried

"Initially the first three days are the hardest, you do get a little lethargic, but not that difficult - I'll wake up and have - smoked salmon in the morning or I'll have poached eggs, or I might even have mussels,. I went to the South Melbourne Market the other day and I had half a dozen oysters. So its really easy." Says Marie

GP Dr Ginnie Mannesberg says the DUKAN DIET is most effective for those needing to lose weight quickly

"If its making you lose weight and your weight is causing you to have joint pains and back pains and put you at risk of diabetes and heart disease, its got to be a good thing to lose the weight."

But some, like dietician Arlene Normand have concerns

Dr Joanne Turner agrees The DUKAN just the latest in low carbohydrate diet fads

"I think people want a quick fix that they don't actually have to think about. Its not always about the quickness, it's about making it easy." Says Joanne

"I've made my mind up. I've gotten rid of all my fat clothes and I'm staying with it - its fantastic and so easy to do." Says Marie