Evicted Grandma


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George Walsh, a former police officer, has conned his ex wife's mum Thelma out of her house at Salisbury and according to daughter Rosemary, not just any house.

"This is a war service home from a man who fought for this country� this was a legacy to my mother from my father," says Rosemary.

Thelma who suffers from heart lung and kidney problems was sitting pretty until Walsh, a wolf in sheep's clothing, offered to purchase the house from the trusting old lady.

'He brought the papers here to mums' house and I was to witness mums' signature. His hand was over the writing, we just signed and every time we asked for the money� oh he was sorting it out� sorting it out," explains Rosemary.

Papers obtained by Today Tonight show that Walsh transferred the house into his name in 2004 for $150,000. Though she has never received a cent.

Six months later Walsh mortgaged the property for $276,000. Since then he's defaulted on his payments and the mortgagee has foreclosed. Not only has she had her home stolen but Thelma is now to be evicted.

If this injustice isn't enough for the frail Thelma to handle, back in 2002 her grand-daughter Stacey Lee Brown was shot in the face and killed by bikie Darren Schmidt. Initially Schmidt was charged with murder, but this was downgraded to manslaughter following a generous deal struck between the then DPP and Schmidt's lawyers.

'Its something we'll never be able to put the lid on. Stacey's just there every day she's never ever going to go away� never. Her mother left her when she was a fortnight old and I had her," Thelma explains.

Thelma kept one room of her house as a shrine to Stacey, for a slain grand-daughter she adored but now she has to pack even those memories up as she waits for the Sherriff to knock on her door.

"The heartbreak mum had with that� and now that she's got to face this� at mums age of 88 and a half years of age is (shakes head) �.criminal!!"

"He never ever explained anything to us properly or anything did he Rosemary? No. So what he's done is trick you? Yeah� oh definitely tricked us yeah�. cause he's such a con man, he's such a mongrel."

Walsh's court records reveal a man who is in trouble with the law almost on a daily basis, from pleading guilty for producing drugs, to being hauled into court by a myriad of companies to recover debt.

Thelma says, "he's a fraud to the backbone. He's done a lot of things that I don't know about didn't he Rosie? He's a criminal."

This former bankrupt has even had his own property seized by creditors along with his ex wife's house she once owned freehold.

"He can't touch nothin'! You know he's had a money lending business in Salisbury that's gone bust. He's supposed to be some great big opal dealer now, selling gems and opals overseas. I still have phone calls looking for him because he owes this one money and that one money," explains Rosemary.

Walsh, who in the past has listed his occupation as a sickness 'benefittee', is partial to overseas travel, making numerous trips to the Philippines.

"Never forgive him. I wouldn't, I don't want to see him, I'd hit him, I'd hit him, I've got an iron bar out there. If he comes to this house I'd knock him rotten I would," Thelma tells us.

Ian Walsh won't even show his face to explain to the women why he's pulled the rug from under their world

"You don't need this stress? I know, I know I don't. I want to live to be a hundred I do. It would have been mine for the rest of my life. What's it mean for you to lose it? Everything, everything."