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Obesity in this country is unfortunately a very, very big issue at the moment. Imagine if you could get paid to pound the pavement? A wage for working out? Usually sweating for a salary is the domain of professional athletes, but now you too can earn money exercising.

The secret is contained in a device kept in a silicon band. Like other reward programs General Manager, Maree Mamo explains you earn for your effort.

"All you need to do is put it on your wrist, get out and about. It detects when you're active and after 60 minutes it displays a code. All you need to do is upload the code online and you get free reward points", said Maree Mamo

There are some big players behind the project: Target, JB Hi-Fi, EB Games, Apple Itunes, Rebel Sport, Myer and David Jones. All are offering a range of rewards.

With childhood obesity on the rise and more than 60% of Australians overweight, .the program known as "Switch to Health Replay" is meant to provide the motivation to get us moving.

Fitness Expert, Donna Ashton said, "There's so much disease that comes from being inactive and overweight and we're getting fatter and fatter".

Donna believes the reward based bands are a good starting point, but for long term success, it will require a lifestyle change.

"Different things motivate different people. If it helps anyone to stay in shape and to stay active then I think its fantastic. I think motivation is normally a short term thing, I think you need to be inspired. You need to have a much bigger purpose for doing it", added Donna.

Currently, every sixty minutes of exercise gets you 60 redemption points.
900 points equals a $5 gift card. That's the same of as fifteen hours of exercise. But each retailer is free to offer their own deals and reward specials.
The bands cost just under $40.

The concept also has the support from Sports Psychologist, Jackie Louder especially because of the way it engages those facing the biggest battle against the bulge - our children.

"We live in a society where it's all about effort and you get a reward. You go to work, so you earn money. I don't think it's not using anything we don't already use, but they're doing it in a fun way. I think the benefits are that the kids have to take the initiative themselves. They have to get up and they still have to choose the exercise, so it's still using decision making and choices, I think a huge benefit from something like this is their self esteem. ", said Jackie.

Fitness fanatic, 30 year old Luke Ostrowski is putting his exercise band to work with his eyes already on the prize.

"The rewards are fantastic, there's everything. If I want to go to the movies there's a movie voucher or if I want to download some tracks there's the latest songs or whatever, I can do that. At the moment I'm saving up for an X-Box.", said Luke

"The good thing about it is it has activity bars, and they fill up toward your sixty minute mark. But what that means is you can track how you're going. You don't have to 60 minutes all in one day. But you can see how you're tracking towards that goal. So I could do 20 minutes one day, the rest the next day, and I know all the time how I'm going on, how I'm tracking", added Luke

The plan is to introduce the bands throughout schools and if the reaction from the kids interview by Today Tonight is any guide, it would be a success.
It's easy! Simply wear your S2H REPLAY and get active. Then upload your code to receive well deserved Points and redeem your Points for cool free prizes!

Some of those stores/products include:

EB Games
Dick Smith
Flight Centre
JB Hi Fi
Big W
David Jones
Rebel Sport
The Body Shop
Video games & consoles

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