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Digital Retinal Scan
Optical Retailer, OPSM, is challenging Australians to lift their knowledge and awareness around the importance of looking after your eyes. The company has just introduced Digital Retinal Scanners (DRS) into every store. This innovative technology is now accessible to every Australian. The scanning machines offer health care professionals a potentially fast, easy and painless means of picking up early warning signs of many conditions from heart attack and stroke to some cancers.

Taking less than five minutes, the DRS takes a photo of the inside of the eye, allowing the optometrist to thoroughly study images of the retina, optic nerve and blood vessels. It is the health of these parts of the eye that aid in the early detection and management of serious conditions that transcend sight. The photograph not only allows the optometrist to deliver a more in depth health assessment for the customer, but will also empower the patient, increasing education and awareness of eye health. Furthermore, the picture can be retained as a record to help monitor any changes over a prolonged period.

The Digital Retinal Scanners are in every store now and cost $30
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