Fake Fruits


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Fake fruit – telling us "blueberries" and selling us chemicals.

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As one of Australia’s favourite supermarkets, ALDI is committed to providing our shoppers with products of the highest quality. As a responsible retailer, we work closely with our suppliers to meet the quality specifications that Australians have come to expect, including taste, texture, nutritional value and appearance.

ALDI is the first and only supermarket in Australia to be completely free of artificial food colours across its entire range of exclusive brands and other branded food items. These items have been reformulated to remove all artificial food colourings and replace them with natural alternatives where necessary, or nothing at all, at no extra cost to the consumer.

We believe that our Hillcrest Yoghurt Muesli Bars have a place in a healthy diet when included as an occasional snack in the recommended serving size. ALDI’s range is extremely dynamic, regularly adapting to match the changing tastes and needs of customers.

We take market cues on labelling and branding and ensure we carry out due diligence when developing the style guide and packaging of all of our products and labels. This helps give customers a clear reference guide so they can make an informed decision about purchasing our products.
We are proud of our truthful and transparent on-pack labeling across all our products and we encourage our consumers to look at the nutritionals and ingredients stated on our product's packaging to guide them in making informed purchasing decisions.

The product packaging had actually been updated back in May 2016. 'Raspberry and apple flavour' is clearly shown on front of pack and inclusion of fruit on the imagery is intended to show the flavours of the product.


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