Female Friendly Mechanics


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When it came to mechanics, Adelaide midwife and single mother of four Deb Martin has just about had enough.

"They treat all females as dumb... stupid... and unless you've got a male there that can advocate for you, you're very vulnerable," says Deb.

Deb knew there had to be a better alternative when she was charged $1,300 to get her brakes fixed, only to find they hadn't been touched.

Rosanna: "Do you think a lot of women are ripped off by mechanics?"
Deb: "Absolutely! I know I'm going to get probably put in the black book for this but yes, there are."

Blackwood mechanic Grant Jacobs has had his head under a bonnet for over 20 years, hearing horror story after horror story from bewildered women every day. So Grant and his wife Kylie came up with a simple idea to make mechanics more user-friendly towards women. It doesn't necessarily mean they need to know much about cars... it all comes down to a pink tick.

The pink tick of approval means the mechanics have been checked out, cross referenced by customers and then accredited as "female- friendly".

With mechanics themselves fed up with their rotten reputation, hundreds of female-friendly workshops are now popping up right across the country. While other industries have been quick to sign up, too, including tilers, plumbers´┐Żeven insurance and mortgage brokers.

Kylie's sister and co-owner, Caroline Davis: "I think there was a need in the market for it that has never been addressed before. The main thing is the letters you get from women customers that's the foundation. If you get enough of those that is female friendly until proven guilty."

To become female friendly, businesses just need to follow a simple checklist you can find that on their website.

Adam Gramola's one of the first Adelaide mechanics to jump on board. Not only does his workshop appear female friendly, the service is too.

"You can feel totally comfortable because you know that they have to do the right thing. They've got to show you the vehicle part they've removed that they're honest they're reliable and don't treat you as if you're stupid," Adam says.

For locations go to: www.femalefriendly.com.au