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Scientists reckon there's around twenty million feral cats living in this nation.

They eat more than twenty billion mammals, reptiles, birds and insects every year, but what if we could rehabilitate feral cats and turn them into purring happy moggys?

The Convert Em campaign started here in Adelaide with people like Ian and Rebecca Peters and cat catcher Glenys Kimber.

For Ian and Rebecca it was a case of necessity being the mother of invention in the hills face zone they live in.

It's a problem that existed for over fifteen years and someone needed to do something.

They started off by feeding them every day and training them to come to a certain place. Once trained they started laying traps and one by one the wild ferals have become wonderful felines.

Help Save the Furry Ones is looking for short-term foster carers and also permanent homes for domesticated wild cats like those featured in our story. Cash donations would also be appreciated.

Visit http://helpsavethefurryones.org or call Glenys Kimber on 0422 652 837.


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