Fire Mum


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It's going to be a bleak Christmas for single mum Leanne Bills and her two daughters Nicki and Taylor.

They're lucky to be alive after someone torched Leanne's car early on Saturday morning. The fire spread to the roof of her Housing Trust unit while they were asleep inside.

"They endangered our lives, if it wasn't for a local resident Teresa, I would be dead and the girls," says Leanne.

Quick thinking neighbour Teresa raised the alarm and while Leanne and her girls managed to get out, their two pet cats perished in the blaze along with all their belongings.

Police are still investigating the incident however Leanne suspects a nearby neighbour with mental health issues may have been behind the cowardly attack.

Julie McDonald, a local Housing Trust residents' activist says the State Government's risking lives by placing mental health patients in Housing Trust communities without any support or consideration for other tenants.

"Got no idea what they've done� pushed a car to childs' window... set fire to it� it's appalling and it's got to stop. Someone is going to die soon," says Julie.

It's also been a red-hot issue on Leon Byners' talk show on 5AA.

In the meantime Leanne Bills is still left without a home, a car, no money, no possessions and wondering who is going to take responsibility for that near-tragic reckless act.