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They're our front line out on the big blue... These are the latest recruits to take on the duties of protecting South Australia’s fish stocks.

From more than 90 applications just 4 people were chosen to join the ranks... Coveted positions that rarely come up.

Their job is to patrol our waters and stop poachers from draining our eco-systems… A role skipper Matt Read has taken on for the past 20 years.

But the job of an eco-warrior isn't as easy as it sounds... With tough training required to make the cut.

Sam Dowdy is one of the new recruits... For the past week she's pushed her body to the limits learning how to chase down offending vessels which won't stop.

Techniques that David Macdonald has been using for the past 5 years as part of the offshore patrol team.

Out there is where they can find their biggest catches... From illegal poachers chasing abalone and lobster to crab catchers and more...

Now that their training is done the recruits will start hitting the water for week long missions to track down those breaking the rules in the hope of making a career out on the water.


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