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It's the latest fashion trend they're calling the wardrobe workout. Clothing that helps you get fitter and firmer while you wear it.

"This is the first time that fitness and fashion have come together in a way that it can help the average woman get a workout as she's doing her everyday activity and looking good at the same time." explains Karina Machado, Fitness Editor for Who Magazine. She says best of all, these items target the big 3 - hips, butts and thighs.

"One of the great benefits is that these are targeted to the areas that women tend to be most nervous about."

"We created Easytone for the busy woman, we figured if they're walking around anyway they might as well get benefits while they are doing that" says Bill McInnes

Reebok's Easytone sneakers were designed by this ex Nasa Engineer - Bill McInnes, with the aim of utilising instability to work the muscles.

We met with Anik Labreigne, Reebok Australia's public relations manager.

"So Anik how have you applied the swiss ball technology to the shoe?"

"The inspiration behind Easytone is the balance ball. We adapted the concept to the shoe. So underneath the shoe you have two balance pods filled up with air and these create the micro-instability, so they actually activate your muscles in the calves, hamstrings and butt as you walk - so that's the secret."

"So this is like a mini swiss ball under your shoes?"

"Yes they are the ones that are making you work harder." Says Anik.

"Giving you that firm butt and thighs?"

"Exactly everything a woman dreams of."

Even if you're just walking out and about, Easytone studies show that calves and thighs work 11% more, and the butt 28% more than regular sneakers.

"If you are going shopping, getting a coffee and you happen to wear your Easytones you get this workout anyway. Easytone is like taking the gym with you." explains Anik.

Part time student Sol Walking has had the Easytone shoes for 4 months.

"I've felt that my thighs are getting harder, I can feel the sides of my hips are tightening up, when I got them at first I was a little bit sceptical, I thought they might not be good for my ankles or knees because I have dodgy knees, but instead they've actually strengthened those areas as well." Sol says.

Chiropractor Denise Peron is the creator of the ShaToBu Shaper - shapewear with built in resistance bands designed to increase calories burned.

"I created ShaToBu because I always prescribed exercises for patients and I realised that patients just didn't do them, so I was always looking for ways for them to do their exercises without them knowing about it."

"We built a mannequin to be able to measure the resistance at every level of movement during walking so that we could optimise the resistance in the garment." Explains Dr Peron. "Research showed that women who wore ShaToBu burnt up to 12% more calories while moving in ShaToBu."

We asked Karina Machado to explain how the shapers worked;
"Well you can see the garment here. This is actually the resistance bands right here, where the actual resistance bands are incorporated that's where you are burning the calories and toning. Across here you can see that this actually works more like a traditional shapewear and controls the tummy."

"What about the back?"

"On the back you've got the resistance panel here working the bottom the thighs and giving you that toning." Karina says.

With increasing demand for time saving products, Karina says we can expect plenty more.

"At first I was sceptical about the idea behind these products but, a lot of research and science has gone into these products. This is certainly a trend that is being driven by the consumer, women are really busy and I think there are benefits and there's a place for them in our really busy lives."

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