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Flabby arms
It is possible to lose those bingo wings!

Adelaide fitness guru and yummy mummy is back... Sarah Thornton has proof her flab fighting formula really works...

"We have had some huge improvement you can just see how fit these girls behind me are you can really see the difference," says Sarah.

18 months ago we asked the group trainer for tips on how to lose the dreaded tuck shop arms... Aka ‘Bingo wings’.

"As we get older we lose elasticity in our skin and as we lose elasticity it really starts to loosen and sag a little bit," explains Sarah.

Sarah gave us eight sure fire exercises to achieve toned, tight upper limbs, like those of Jennifer Aniston and Michelle Obama.

"The only way to tone your arms is through strength training… push ups are probably the number one exercise I'd give to start toning your arms they really are excellent… the tricep dips are so good for your arms, obviously it’s for toning your triceps," says Sarah.

Back it up with tricep extensions... "We get the weight we put it behind our head, make sure our elbows are nice and close to our head we just drop it back and bring it up”.

To triple the effect, the tricep kick back… "We should feel that immediately right back here on the tricep”.

To ensure we've got all sides covered... The bicep curl... "We just have our arms next to our body and just curl up and curl down nice and slowly”.

And for the shoulders... "Upright row is working our shoulders and our arms what we want to do is put our weights together and bring them right up leading with our elbow up first".

And lastly the shoulder press… “We'll just bring our weights up here make sure your arms are parallel to your shoulders your elbows and your shoulders are parallel up and down up and down make sure your arms don't come lower than your shoulders," says Sarah.

When we met 44 year old Joanna, her goal was to bare her biceps confidently.

"I just want my arms to look good when I'm wearing dresses or short sleeved things, because I'm getting older now I don't want it to get flabby," says Joanna.

And how is she feeling about them now?

"I'm feeling really good now, they're more toned, when I wear dresses or singlet tops or anything like that I feel good”.

Mum Chantel also had a similar ambition...

"Good to tone up my arms and losing some weight," said Chantel 18 months ago.

And now she looks like a different woman...

"Not only have I lost weight and become pregnant again, my confidence has improved, I'm a better mum and better for my family," says Chantel.

Sarah's army of motivated mums striving to be fit and fab continues to grow. Together they're braving the cold winter mornings to achieve their desired results.
Nicole has put in the hard yards and it's paid off…

"I'm so much more confident, I want to go out and be in the world, I don't want to sit on the couch at home and watch movies,” says Nicole.

On top of strength training... Sarah suggests mixing in some cardio and of course a healthy balanced diet.