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How fast? In just 4 days is the promise. It's the '4 day antibloat jumpstart' designed to target the toughest troublespot

Developed by prevention magazine, editor, Natalie Filatoff, who explains why the 4 day diet has proven so effective and so popular.

"The difference with this the 4 day anti-bloat and other diets is that you can lose so much so quickly. Up to 3 kilos in 4 days and that obviously gives you the kickstart you need to follow a healthy eating plan going forward."

Putting the diet to the test, four Aussie women and one man all juggling work and families while they try to shed the kilos

We'll check back on the testers shortly but first i want food coach, Judy Davie, to show me exactly what's on offer for this 3 meal, 1 snack a day diet.

"So for breakfast you can have weetbix or wheat flakes?"

"Yes or muesli sweeten it with some apple puree some sultanas add some sunflower seeds and skin milk."

Lunch and dinner is a mix of protein, veges, low fat dairy and rice.

"At first glance it kind of looks a bit small."

"A little bit small but remember this is just a 4 day anti bloat diet getting you used to felling very lean, getting used to having 4 meals a day and smaller portions with each meal so retraining your body and motivating you."

In addition to the 3 meals, it's also the drinks that are critical to weight loss success. The afternoon snack is a blueberry or pineapple smoothie and instead of plain tap water, it's all about tummy trimming "sassy water"

"This is Sassy Water. it's water with cucumber limes lemons ginger and mint. it tastes good, it's refreshing but best of all the ginger in here will help to reduce an irritated and bloated stomach, the secret to this diet is to make some simple swaps."

Instead of processed carbohydrates, brown rice, salt and condiments like tomato sauce can cause fluid retention. Instead choose fresh herbs, chillies can cause excess acid so lemon and lime juice is preferred and surprisingly raw veges are out due to their bloating effect.

"Fresh veges we know they are good for you but just for the 4 days to stop the bloat we say to have the cooked veges, it's these things, these little things that make all the difference when it comes to fast weight loss."

Fast enough to impress the testers?

34 year old Cherie Steward is astounded by her results "i'm amazed 4.2 kilos in 4 days is mindblowing, i'm ecstatic it's beyond what I expected 2 kilos is what i thought but 4.2 that makes this the best diet ever."

Cherie also lost 4 cm from her waist and 4cm from her hips
Husband and wife weight loss duo Paul and Tutti also trimmed down. Paul shaved off 1.8 kilos, while Tuttie shed 1 kilo and 6cm from her frame

Mum of 3 Tina shed 2.5 kilos and 9 cm from her waist and hips combined and she's loving the compliments

"My kids have said to me this week mum you've shrunk what have you been doing, you look so great and that makes me smile from ear to ear."

For Kathy Litsas it was a whopping 7cm from her waist, 3cm from her hips and 3.2 kilos

"Wow that's fantastic, i'm so happy that's amazing in just 4 days I didn't expect that I thought that might be something you'd lose in weeks not 4 days definitely."

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