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Stand aside big supermarkets, there's another grocer in the state of South Australia.

The battlers are about to get a break when it comes to that number one essential !

Mary Mcinnes from Whalers Housing Co-op in Goolwa usually helps the needy get cheap digs on the Fleurieu Peninsula but now she and her team are branching out into the supermaket game.

"Were a not for profit group," says Mary "so we can at times beat the supermarkets. Not by much but a little bit. It all helps."

And it's not just the regular brands we all know and buy. The Whalers are going to help those on struggle street, by thinking small, as Mary explains.

"We thought there must be a way of helping those people and the way we thought was being able to offer them small servings. For example they don't have to buy a kilo of sugar. They can buy 250 grams because sometimes that's all they need."

Another small thinker is Peter Gates. He along with a dedicated crew head up the Whalers Food Barn production line.

"What we actually do is we weigh them into smaller portions then we bag them, seal them and put the stickers on them with pricing."

For example you can buy a 250 gram pack of pasta for 50 cents. 200 grams of table salt for 25 cents. A half kilo of sugar for 50 cents, even one toilet roll for 45 cents.

But that's not all says Mary, "coffee, tea, even nappies, things like that that are broken down into smaller portions so they don't have to buy a full bag if they haven't got the money."

And theres a lot of people in that boat for a variety of reasons so these very cheap mini grocery lines will be a life saver, says Mary.

"It's the youth, the aged, single parents, it's even the married working couples that are finding it very difficult to make ends meet."

With the help of some enthusiastic work for the dole folks, the Whalers Food Barn should be open for business on monday the 20th of October.

Our newest grocer is inviting anyone who's down Goolwa way... local or visitor.... to call in and fill up the boot with bargains.

Mary says they are not looking at doing a chain but anything is possible further down the line.

The profits from the Food Barn will go into more low cost housing provided by the Whalers Housing Co-op but Mary says there is something that puzzles her, "...what we find very strange is the fact no one else has done it... nowhere in the state �.so we would like to challenge other people to give it a go and if they want to know how we are only a phone call away to help."

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Whalers Food Barn
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